Paris Hilton by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/ Paris Hilton by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/

TV Guide has the definite word on the rumor heard round the world that Paris Hilton will showcase her talents on The L Word. And the word is... maybe. We're told that when Hilton showed up at the Sapphic series' Season 5 premiere, she told exec producer Ilene Chaiken that she'd love to be one of the L Word's lusty ladies. Chaiken in turn told her, "When we find out about a sixth season, we will consider you." In a Q&A with, Hilton sort of ran with that polite semi-promise. "It was very nice of Paris to go up to Ilene," someone close to the show tells us, "but really, it was a very casual conversation."

Showtime has not yet picked up the show for another cycle, but we hear the ratings are doing well enough that it's a likely bet. Sources also tell us that Hilton has been seen at more than one of the L Word-hosted, mostly lesbian Sunday soirees held at L.A.'s Falcon Bar. Now that's politicking for a role! - Ileane Rudolph

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