President Trump wants to venture back into the world of television. Trump proposed, via Twitter of course, that the government should launch its own TV network because CNN is failing to depict the U.S. government accurately, he claims.

"While CNN doesn't do great in the United States based on ratings, outside of the U.S. they have very little competition. Throughout the world, CNN has a powerful voice portraying the United States in an unfair and false way," Trump wrote. "Something has to be done, including the possibility of the United States starting our own Worldwide Network to show the World the way we really are, GREAT!"

The goal of this hypothetical network would be to give international audiences a more positive look at the United States government — and, presumably, its commander-in-chief. Trump didn't elaborate on what sort of programming a hypothetical government network would include. And while it's doubtful he'd allow unfiltered access to the Oval Office (if his track record with transparency is any indication), we can't deny that the former host of The Apprentice would keep things interesting.

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However, when it comes to government television, one has to wonder if Trump has ever checked out C-SPAN. If you want unfiltered access to Congress, the channel already exists and its ratings are definitely worse than CNN's. Check your local listings to find out where you can watch for yourself!

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