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Who's dead? Who's undead? We'll find out Sunday, as True Blood returns for its second season (9 pm/ET, HBO). Let's remember where everyone in Bon Temps was way back in the final episode, and get a sneak peek at what's in store for Season 2. (SPOILER ALERT: This story reveals some future plot elements... but not the juiciest ones.)

Where Were We? After discovering that her exorcism was a sham, Tara goes on a joyride and is arrested for drunk-driving. She's sprung from the pokey by Maryann (Michelle Forbes), a mysterious benefactor who takes her in and encourages her to pursue a more fulfilling life. But Maryann has a secret: For now, all we know is that she can vibrate — yes, vibrate — but clearly there's more to it. As Tara wonders aloud where her cousin, Lafayette, has been for two weeks, in the finale's final scene, Tara, Andy and Sookie discover an African-American body with painted toenails in Andy's car. (Cue the screaming.)
What's Next? As Maryann ingratiates herself with the gullible folks of Bon Temps, Tara becomes suspicious. Plus, her flirtation with Eggs (Mehcad Brooks) heats up.

Where Were We? Sookie used her powers to figure out that Rene (aka Drew Marshall) was the killer, and — after a quick chase through a cemetery, and with an assist from a canine Sam — she snuffs him out with a shovel.
What's Next? Eric sends Sookie to Texas on an important errand, where she discovers that she's not the only human with special talents.

Where Were We? Jason spent much of the finale in jail, trying to figure out how he could have killed four women — including his grandmother and his girlfriend — without remembering it. He is saved by Orry Dawson, the leader of the Fellowship of the Sun, an anti-vampire church. By episode's end, the gullible Jason is worshipping with the church's closed-minded faithful.
What's Next? Jason's involvement in the Fellowship creates inner conflict for the pea-brained, kind-hearted hottie, who ultimately saw the good in vampires Bill and Eddie. Plus, Rev. Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) — and his sexy wife, Sarah (Anna Camp) — have a proposition for him.

Where Were We? Having revealed his shape-shifting abilities to Sookie, Sam's relationship with her is strained, despite Sam's role in saving Sookie from Rene. Further, Maryann's presence sends Sam into a panic.
What's Next? We'll learn more about Sam's history with Maryann. And there's a new waitress at Merlotte's, Daphne, and she has sexy eyes for the boss.

Where Were We? Though Bill was burnt to a crisp by the sun when he ventured out in daylight to save Sookie from Rene, after a quick burial, he's good as new, still muddied from the grave and ready for some moonlit, late-evening delight with his best girl. Meanwhile, Eric and Pam have had enough of the impetuous teen Jessica, who Bill had to "turn" in the finale as reparations for killing a vampire. So they dump her back on her maker. Vamp parenting is hard!  
What's Next? Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) creates some trouble in Bill's relationship with Sookie when she returns to see her family.

Where Were We? Eric spent Season 1 just vamping around, doing seductive, ominous vampire stuff, hinting that his true importance to the story would only be realized in the future.
What's Next? There's trouble brewing in the Lone Star State, and Eric exercises his power as sheriff to assign Sookie and Bill to the case.

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