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[Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Sunday's episode of True Blood. Read at your own risk!]

Bill and Eric may have a chance at survival!

True Blood fans were happy to discover during Saturday's Comic-Con panel that there was a cure for Hep-V, they just didn't know in what form it would come. But they quickly found out during Sunday'sepisode, which revealed that Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp), the woman who basically caused the spread of Hep-V, also happened to be the cure.

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In a previously unseen flashback to last season, Sarah Newlin decided to swallow the antidote to Hep-V lest it fall into the wrong hands. However, Sarah has all but sealed her fate now that every vampire will want her blood to save them. Will she survive? It's unlikely. But will she fall at the hands of Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard)? caught up with Camp, who also drops a few hints about how her character Aubrey Posen, who graduated in the film Pitch Perfect, will appear in the highly anticipated sequel:

How did you feel when you found out that Sarah is the cure for Hep-V?
Anna Camp: I was shocked. This whole season I've been shocked as to what they've done with the character. I didn't see this coming at all — like even me being a Buddhist. But I'm loving it. It just shows how far off the deep end she's gone. It's crazy. I don't think that Sarah was thinking that all of a sudden now, "I'm the cure for everything." I think she just didn't know what to do with it, and her way of controlling it — instead of losing it or having someone steal it, she just ingested it. I don't think she knows the ramifications that's going to cause her in the future when she does it. 

How dangerous is it for her now?
Camp: Well, she's painted a huge target on her. She's basically this walking time bomb. And also, in a way, it's saving her life. In an indirect way, she's keeping herself alive by being the cure. I don't think she meant to do any of this, because she's not that smart or that calculated in a way.

When we first saw Sarah, it seemed like she might've changed by being a Buddhist. But then we also see that she's sleeping with the guru — still the same old Sarah attracted to men in power. Do you think she regrets anything she's done?
No, she doesn't regret it. I mean, she is psychotic to the point where she's convinced herself that this has all happened for a reason. She believes that she's now been sent here to save everyone. She really doesn't regret doing anything because now she can cure the world. So, she's definitely convinced herself that this is all part of God's master plan.

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Can you tease anything about the next time Sarah and Eric will meet? 
Oh, my God. It's a pretty big buildup over a few episodes. I actually return back to the Light of Day camp. I sort of lose my mind and I'm wandering back to the Light of Day camp. I'm starting to hallucinate, and I start seeing people from my past. I break down and I'm hiding in this room basically having my own little Blue Jasmine moment.

Considering Pam (Kristin Bauer van Staten) likely blames Sarah for the imminent death of her maker, will we get any great scenes between them?
Camp: Oh yeah. Pam hates my guts, and she is definitely not holding any of that back. She is one of the actresses that I have always wanted to have scenes with on this show. You see these two Southern belles who are pretty girly, and we have some great one-liners. There's a handful of scenes that I'm really excited about seeing because she's awesome to work with.

Will Sarah reunite with Jason (Ryan Kwanten)?
Camp: You are going to see us together again, but that's hard to explain. I can't really explain how they see each other, but yes, we do have a couple of scenes together, and it's a very fascinating way that they've written the two characters seeing each other again.

Do you think Sarah deserves a happy ending?
Camp: That's interesting. I typically don't think that she does. She tried to eliminate all vampires  just because she hates them and they're considered evil to her. But I imagine her actually having a really horrific, explosive death. I love her and I love who she is and I think it's so much wicked fun to play. But definitely I think she deserves to die after everything that she's done. [Laughs]

Turning to Pitch Perfect 2, is there anything you can say about how Aubrey fits into the plot after graduating in the first film?
I did graduate and it's pretty funny what happens. They end up needing me and my advice, and they all come and find me. It's pretty funny to see what I've been doing and what I'm up to. In a very pivotal scene, I help them come together again in a really sweet, cool way. There's a great song that we sing. I'm definitely still in a position of authority. I hope everybody likes it.

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How do you think the sequel is different tonally from the first film?
Camp: It's interesting because I have graduated and I was the point of contention and the conflict for the first film. So, that isn't there anymore, at least in that way. I guess the main thing that they're fighting against is still themselves, in a way. It's not so black and white. It's very funny. There are lots of jokes and great songs, but I think it's a different kind of conflict and it's a different thing that they learn. It's all about what happens when people are about to graduate or about to leave, how that affects them, how it affects your college friends and what happens after college, and the buildup to that.

What's your favorite part of Pitch Perfect 2?
I can't really say why, but we were outdoors a lot, and we got to do some really fun things and everybody got a little dirty. 

Do you think Sarah Newlin deserves to die? And how excited are you for Pitch Perfect 2?

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