Lindsay Pulsipher, True Blood Lindsay Pulsipher, True Blood

Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) hasn't had the best luck with love on True Blood. (One dead V addict, one psychotic minister's wife.) But that's all about to change when he meets the mysterious Crystal (Lindsay Pulsipher).

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Crystal was seen briefly in last Sunday's episode living on the compound that doubles as the meth lab where Lafayette last tried to unload his supply of V. Her other appearances this season have been equally fleeting. It's only when she meets Jason that things change. "She's immediately intrigued," Pulsipher says. "She and Jason have this amazing connection and I think, even for Jason, it is something special because he is a ladies' man."

She's not Jason's usual type either: "Crystal is a sad little creature. She comes from the backwoods, the sticks of Louisiana," Pulsipher says. "That's all she's ever known."

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Then again, she does have a secret.

Panthers have been spotted on set, and if the Sookie Stackhouse books the True Blood series is based on are any indication, Crystal is likely to turn into — spoiler alert! — a werepanther soon. A werepanther? Pulsipher calls the unique hybrid "a super-charged panther."