Tricia Helfer Tricia Helfer

When Dark Blue returns tonight for its second season at 9/8c, TNT's gritty cop show will be less grim and a lot sexier. Packing the heat: new cast member Tricia Helfer, the Canadian actress best known as Six, Battlestar Galactica's seductive Cylon. "I'm a good guy this time," says Helfer, whose tough-as-nails FBI agent Alex Rice has been ordered to lead a joint task force with the covert LAPD team headed by Carter Shaw (Dylan McDermott). "There's a power struggle with Carter, but there's also an intense chemistry," Helfer says. "They're going to be dealing with that 'We can't do this, but we can't control it' all season." 

Agent Rice arrives on the scene posing as a tattoo parlor owner. The "thrill-seeking" Fed is out to trap the same vicious thug whose gang Dean (Logan Marshall-Green) has infiltrated. A squabble over tactics leads to a Carter ally's death — and some nookie. "I've always wanted to play a strong character on the right side of the law," says the actress, whose usual stunt work was curtailed by her recent "massive" back surgery. But, she says, "I do get to kill people with a knife and a gun."

Still, the second season is not all about sex and violence. "When I signed on, a lot of talk was about adding some humor, a little more lightness," she says. "At the end of the episodes, you're going to see that the team [members] actually do have lives, and don't just brood alone in their apartments. Carter is growing tomatoes and he's hitting on a girl!"

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