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One Tree Hill's Brooke Davis has seen her friends fall in love, get married and start families. On Tuesday, after 8 seasons of heartbreak, it was her day to shine.

About time, too!

The one-time selfish cheerleader turned businesswoman-with-a-heart-of-gold said it best when she acknowledged the part Julian played in getting her to break down her walls and feel worthy of being loved. "Before I met you, my life revolved around one thing: me," she said during her wedding vows to Julian.

One Tree Hill star: No disaster on Brooke and Julian's big day (no Lucas or Peyton either!)

Yes, the absence of Brooke's first love, Lucas, best friend, Peyton, and even Lucas' mom, Karen (played by original cast members Chad Michael Murray, Hilarie Burton and Moira Kelly who didn't return for the episode) was noticeable. And sad. But the few nods to the past and the original gang's journey were enough to keep longtime fans feeling satisfied.

One Tree Hill: Brooke, you've come a long way, baby

The ceremony was perfect and the reception included the most heartfelt of speeches all the people in their lives. Then Brooke and Julian were on their way.

We only got nervous once: The close-up shot of them driving away as newlyweds seemed like too good of an opportunity for something to go horribly wrong. This is still One Tree Hill, after all.

Instead, Brooke looked out her passenger window as they drove by the house in which she grew up, realizing she was no longer "the girl behind the red door," but the woman who had finally found her other half.

Were you happy with Brooke and Julian's wedding day?