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Monday's episode of One Tree Hill (8/7c, CW) might just be the turning point viewers have been waiting to see all season. Executive producer Mark Schwahn calls "I and Love and You" a very emotional hour that delves further into Clay's history and the Nathan love-child story line when Renee is featured on Dan Scott's talk show. The episode is directed by star James Lafferty, who made his Tree Hill directorial debut last season. Lafferty told that this was an "ambitious" episode that "tells a lot of stories that the audience has been waiting to hear."

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Clay (Robert Buckley) also has some intense, somewhat daunting scenes with guest star Amanda Schull, who plays a woman named Sara from his past. (Anyone else think Sara is dead and appearing as a figment of Clay's imagination?) In the scene, the two had to jump off a bridge, which lead to more press than Buckley bargained for.

"It's the first time our characters meet, [and] in the scene, we're killing time because none of us want to jump in," Buckley said. "Our friends are goading us and in the middle of talking to her I scream off camera, 'Give us a minute!' and go back to talking with her. It's funny because I read in one of the local papers, 'They went up several times but were too afraid to make the jump and Buckley continually kept screaming at the crew just give us a minute.' People were probably thinking I was being a diva, [but] that was part of the script, I swear."

While the bridge-jumping scene made news, Buckley admits it was "not that scary," and that he and several others have jumped off of it before.

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Watch Schwahn's preview of the episode below and tell us what you're most excited for about "I and Love and You."