Nick Lachey Nick Lachey

The deal is now done, so it's official: Nick Lachey will be guest-starring on the CW's One Tree Hill. But what you don't know is exactly what the tabloid darling will be doing in North Carolina, or with whom. Or even when.

Well, is here to bring you the exclusive details.

Sources tell us that Lachey will be appearing in the April 27 episode, playing ... himself. What could possibly bring Jessica Simpson's ex to mild-mannered Tree Hill, you ask? Interestingly enough, the former boy bander is hot to record a song written by our very own Haley.

How's it all sound, Tree Hill fans? I know Lachey makes some people audibly groan, but is it all worth it if it means meatier moments for Bethany Joy's Haley?

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