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Following the recent death of her mother and near-death of her sister, Quinn, One Tree Hill's Haley James Scott (Bethany Joy Galeotti) knows plenty about hardship. Now that Quinn is out of the woods, Haley will put her experiences to good use, as she helps others by joining a crisis center.

"Haley decides when Quinn is in peril, 'I want to give back,' and says, 'If you'll just see her through this I'll be better about remembering that I have a lot of good things in my world,'" creator Mark Schwahn tells

One Tree Hill's Mark Schwahn: Season 8 will be A return to form

Last season, viewers watched Haley fall into extreme depression. Schwahn says that even though Haley has turned the corner, he doesn't want to be dismissive about people suffering from depression in real life.

"We saw her breakthrough coming in [last year's] finale, and that's the direction we'll continue to go," he says. "She'll still struggle a little bit and she says that to Nathan. The crisis center extends from those things." 

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Although Haley will be busy with the crisis center, her music won't completely be put to the backburner. Just as Schwahn cast singer Kate Voegele as Mia, Peyton's protégé who now works with Haley, a new voice will be heading to the series.

"There's a musician I fell in love with and a storyline I fell in love with, and we actually married them together [for] Laura Izibor," Schwahn says. "She's really compelling, I loved her record, I really loved her accent and her vibe, and felt that was an energy we hadn't included on our show.

"As a fly on the wall for Haley and Mia I think she'll be really great," he says.

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