One Tree Hill One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill's Brooke Davis has come a long way.

Remember the selfish and morally challenged cheerleader of yesteryear? It's hard to believe that was the same person who nearly drowned trying to save someone's life on Tuesday's stormy midseason finale.

Titled "Darkness on the Edge of Town," the episode featured a dangerous rain storm and car accident that put Brooke and Jamie thisclose to death on the infamous Tree Hill bridge (Remember when Nathan saved Rachel and Cooper in Season 3 in the same place?) After saving three people's lives, the fashion maven chose to stay with Jamie, who was pinned behind his seatbelt, and then selflessly pleaded with her fiancé, Julian, to save the little boy first as the levee broke and water flooded the car.

We knew Brooke wouldn't die, but watching as she fell unconscious you couldn't help but think that executive producer Mark Schwahn was about to deliver a game-changer. Surely enough, just as Julian had about given up, Brooke coughed and showed signs of life.

It was a poignant, full-circle journey for Brooke to become a hero. For seasons, she was the boy-crazy, popularity-obsessed teen whose first concern was herself. During her senior year, she made a bit of a turnaround, even becoming the student body president. When we were reintroduced to the Clothes Over Bros boss after a four-year time jump, Brooke's priority became her business and her desire to have children. After her mother/business partner's deception this season, Brooke gave up everything and liquidated her assets in order to pay back each and every investor who lost their money — a sure sign of maturity we never thought we'd see. With Julian by her side, B. Davis finally has found and showed true love — not just for him, but for others as well.

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