Vikings' Travis Fimmel may have left the battle-torn world of Ragnar Lothbrok behind, but don't you worry — his next project sounds even more bonkers. Deadline reports that Fimmel has snagged the lead role in Ridley Scott's new TNT series Raised by Wolves. In the series, two androids, Father and Mother, are tasked with raising human children on a new planet. When they learn that religious differences could end up tearing this new colony apart, the androids realize that controlling the humans (particularly when it comes to their beliefs) is harder than they'd believed.

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Fimmel has been tapped to play Father (bring on the daddy jokes, you know you want to), marking his first TV role since leaving History's Vikings in 2017. So far, we have very few details about Fimmel's character other than he and his fellow android, Mother, will have to start humanity anew on a virgin planet, beginning with only six human embryos. The evolution of the new race begins from there.

This is either the most trippy or most genius premise ever. Possibly both.

Raised by Wolves has no premiere date attached at this time.

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