Aaron Stanford and Neal McDonough by David Gray/ABC Aaron Stanford and Neal McDonough by David Gray/ABC
Traveler creator David DiGilio has opted to hold his cards close to the vest - for now, at least - rather than explain what the Fourth Branch is and answer any other questions raised by last week's season/series finale. "For those who were upset by the cliff-hanger... all I can tell you is that we certainly did not expect it to be a series finale," DiGilio says in his

TVGuide.com celebrity blog. "[It]was part of the construction of the series, which is meant to pose one large question each season. The first season asked, 'Who is Will Traveler?' and the second asks, 'What is the Fourth Branch?' As promised, I will eventually answer this question and explain all other hanging chads." The operative word being eventually. "I am going to heed the advice of fans and friends who have asked that I hold off on doing this until I know the final result of the 'save the show' efforts," says DiGilio. "[Y]our devotion has been noticed at ABC. So, I will wait and see how this plays out." For much more, see DiGilio's TVGuide.com blog.