We finally know when Transparent is returning for its fourth season.

On Friday, Amazon announced that the drama will return on Sept. 22. They accompanied the news by dropping the official trailer, which finds the Pfeffermans setting off on a spiritual and political journey while digging deep into their family's history.

It all goes down when Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) makes a shocking discovery while in Israel speaking at a conference. The reveal prompts the rest of the family, including Ali (Gaby Hoffman), Sarah (Amy Landecker), Josh (Jay Duplass) and Shelly (Judith Light), to join her abroad. As they walk adrift in the desert, each member of the family heads down their own paths to find acceptance, love, and truth.

Transparent Season 4 Trailer Says "Family Is Gross, but It's Important"

In addition to the season preview, the cast and creators also released a joint statement to People in response to Trump's proposed ban on transgender people in the military.

"Sharing this work amidst President Trump's continued assault on the transgender community is painful. We are outraged that he announced in a tweet that transgender people would not be allowed to serve 'in any capacity' in the U.S. military. It is reprehensible to deny an estimated 15,000 current trans service members, and 134,000 trans veterans, the dignity, respect and safety that they deserve," the statement read.

"At Transparent we believe in the integrity of the trans community, which we know firsthand because we are all either trans or allies to the trans community. It is a revolutionary act for a trans person to simply leave the house and walk down the street. We tap into the incredible history of survival the trans community has achieved against all odds, knowing that our fight is noble and on the side of justice and human rights."

Read the full statement here.

Season 4 of Transparent premieres Sept. 22 on Amazon.