In a new, emotional interview with GQ, Tracy Morgan opened up about how he's been since the June 2014 accident that left him with critical injuries.

"People care a lot, that's what I learned," he told the magazine. "There's so much negativity in the world that sometimes you feel like you could give up, and I had people who took care of me after the accident, and they never let me go."

Since the accident, Morgan has reached a settlement with Walmart, who took responsibility for the tragedy, and married Megan Wollover, his longtime girlfriend and mother of his daughter. Wollover even made him a mix tape of his favorite old-school hip hop and R&B music while he was in the hospital.

"I wasn't in a good place [after the accident]," he said, but getting back into comedy, and hosting Saturday Night Live helped him recover. The idea of hosting the show that helped make his career came during one of many calls with show creator Lorne Michaels, who said the door was open for Morgan's return.

A week later, the comedian had booked a return date to the SNL stage. "I'm a survivor. I was just in an accident, but because of comedy I didn't end up a statistic like a lot of my friends did growing up in the projects," Morgan says. "I was able to make people laugh to keep them off of my back."

Tracy Morgan is launching a comedy tour

Comedy also helped him get out of a rough life dealing drugs and find his way after losing his father to AIDS. "It was my way of just asking for forgiveness, of turning things around at some point."

Moving forward, he says that his comedy will be "deeper, I think it's going to be funnier - but who knows? I want to see the funny for myself - let's check it out. Take it out for a test drive. I'm going to take my sense of humor to the next level, my life. But right now, that's all I look forward to: that first laughter."

Morgan will set out to do just that with a comedy tour launching next year, and by returning to acting by playing comedy legend Redd Foxx in an upcoming Richard Pryor biopic.

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