After the cancellation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Michelle Trachtenberg thought she was done with the small screen. Hoped she was, even. "I'm definitely happy not to be in TV anymore," the ambitious Eurotrip starlet admits to TV Guide Online. Yet when she was invited to parody pop's tarts on Six Feet Under, she eagerly resurrected her tube career. Who can blame 'er? "Celeste is a combination of all the rumors you've ever heard about Britney, Christina and J. Lo all rolled into one," she says of the vixen she debuted in last weekend's episode. "She's just a bitchy little diva!"

Although Trachtenberg's four-episode guest gig has just begun (and continues this Sunday at 9 pm/ET on HBO), she's already back at work on her next feature, Ice Princess, in which she plays a bookworm with secret aspirations to be the next Nancy Kerrigan. "[My character] uses physics to teach people in her community how to skate," she explains, adding that mastering the sport herself was... well, painful. "I've gotten many, many injuries [making this movie]! I'm black and blue everywhere; I've fallen... torn ligaments in my ankles. No one can say I haven't suffered for my art!"

Still, Trachtenberg wouldn't trade the icecapades for anything — after all, she's getting to work with one of her idols, Kim Cattrall... or, as she's become better known, the woman who shut down the Sex and the City flick. Did the Sex fiend give Cattrall a hard time about bowing out of the celluloid reunion? "Not at all!" she insists. "In fact, we haven't spoken about the Sex and the City movie at all. It's just been very cool having her [portray my coach]. She came in one day wearing a sweater [from Samantha's wardrobe] and I said, 'Oh my God, that was the episode where you had the affair in the bathroom!' She said, 'Wow, a little obsessed, sweetie?' I said, 'I know; it's true.'"