Twitter has spoken and Tracee Ellis Ross agrees with you!

Twitter came up with perhaps the best idea ever earlier this summer with its outcry for Tracee Ellis Ross to play the magical Ms. Frizzle in the next iteration of The Magic School Bus, which is being developed at Netflix. You heard it here first guys — Tracee Ellis Ross is all about this and Netflix needs to call her ASAP!

For those of you that don't know, Ms. Frizzle is the star of the children's book and animated film series about a teacher who takes her curious students on next level first-hand field trips with her magic bus. Studying about the digestive system? Ms. Frizzle takes her class inside her student Arnold to find out how humans break down food. Photosynthesis? The bus finds its way inside of a plant to watch it happen live!

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TV Guide talked to the black-ish actress about the idea and she couldn't be more enthusiastic about the part. She's already thought about what kind of animated dress she'd have, what her wig would look like and has dabbled with some ideas about how to update the school bus.

We have to agree with the internet that Ross is the perfect woman for the part. She's so nice and fun. She thinks she has the maternal qualities to pull off the part as well. The internet wants it. We want it. Ross wants it. What else do we need to make this happen?!

Please bring a Trace Ellis Ross Ms. Frizzle to us ASAP. Okay, thanks.