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When news broke that Tori Spelling was pregnant with her fourth child, just five months after giving birth, her fans were understandably surprised. But not as surprised as Spelling herself, apparently.

"All my friends keep asking me [if it was planned] and I'm like, 'Seriously? Hattie was 1 month old. Do you think it was planned?'" Spelling told Us Weekly at her CelabraTori book launch Tuesday. "I was up all night with feedings."

Tori Spelling pregnant with fourth child — five months after giving birth

"The doctor said, 'Wait six weeks [to have sex],' and Dean was like, 'They tell everyone that.' We didn't wait that long with Stella or Liam," she continued. "I was like, 'Well, I don't want him to think that the sex is going downhill,' so now we're on baby No. 4."

Spelling, 38, and husband Dean McDermott, 45, welcomed daughter Hattie in October. Their son, Liam, is 5, and eldest daughter Stella turns 4 in June. McDermott also has a 13-year-old son, Jack, from his first marriage.

Spelling and McDermott, who met on the set of the Lifetime movie Mind Over Murder, have been married since May 2006.