Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood by Michael Lavine/Oxygen Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood by Michael Lavine/Oxygen

When audiences last saw Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, they had decided to check out of Chateau La Rue and head back to Tinseltown with their newborn baby boy Liam. So what can we expect from Oxygen's Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood (Tuesdays at 10 pm/ET)? Lots of firsts.

They're expecting their first baby girl, they're moving into their first home and they're doing it all with just the two of them. With their beloved and comical nanny Patsy gone, a very pregnant Tori and a hands-on Dean embark on home renovations while taking care of their toddler and continuing with their busy careers and side projects. While the fry business may not be taking off, Tori's book release and Dean's movie career keep this down-to-earth power couple on their toes. And don't expect them to hold back. "We pretty much put it all out there and I think the viewers will appreciate that," Spelling said. "There are things in there, emotional things, trying things on relationships that we've put in because we just wanted to be open and honest."

Spelling says the a new, hour-long format this season "really has allowed us to delve even deeper into our relationship, and it does explore some pretty emotional, raw feelings. But we're pretty honest. We chose to do a reality show because we wanted to give the reality of our situation, not to mask it if the things got kind of uncomfortable." And what of the reality-show couple curse? "We love working together, so for us, this is the best venue for our relationship. We get to spend all our time together."

Of course, everyone wants to know if Spelling's return to 90210 will be covered in the show. Since she just got cast, it isn't likely, though they are still filming. But Spelling says she's very excited to play Donna Martin again, and is hoping the character's career has really taken off. Does that new career include David? "I don't know. It's definitely a storyline to explore," Spelling said. "Donna was pretty determined, so I see her as a hardcore career woman that's been pretty driven all these years. It'll be interesting to see how that affected her marriage. I'm just as interested as the fans are to know where she's at."

The one person viewers won't see this season is Tori's mother Candy. Spelling didn't want to use her family as a gimmick to promote the show, though she does feel that her late father would approve. "He was big into shows that really sent across a positive message and really strived to be entertaining for a whole family," she said. "I really believe our show does that. There's a lot of train wreck reality shows out there, and I think Tori & Dean really focuses on family to show that everyone can watch together and enjoy. And that's what makes me the most proud." - Robyn Ross