Torchwood: Miracle Day Torchwood: Miracle Day

After waiting more than two years for a Season 4 greenlight, Torchwood stars John Barrowman and Eve Myles are quite giddy to be back on set. On a windy day in April, shooting one of the season's final episodes, they may have actually even reverted into school kids.

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"You're stupid! You're stupid! Stuuuupiiiid!" Barrowman called to Myles, cycling around in a bright red bicycle, while she told stories about Gwen's adventures since Jack left Earth last season. "This is very, very normal," Myles explained. " He looks like Miss Marple, doesn't he? 'You look like Miss Marple!'"

"Sorry to interrupt," Barrowman said. "But this is my new beach cruiser!" Myles was admiring. "I love it, John. I love it. I need a pink one. Or a green one. Or a cream one. Or a yellow one...."

Eventually, once Barrowman was called back for a scene, Myles was able to tell about the last living (and mortal) member of Torchwood, why Gwen could never quit Jack, and why new team member Rex (Mekhi Phifer) needs to watch out! Spoilers ahead:

What was it like reuniting with the Torchwood gang after all this time?
Eve Myles: I will never forget walking into Warner Bros. for the read-through, having all the heads of Starz there, a new cast, John wasn't there. I remember feeling like a tiny little girl in Hollywood, like it was a bizarre dream. And then, all of a sudden, I had this friend and that friend was a script named Torchwood and a character called Gwen. And I thought, 'I'm not scared of anything.' I know who she is — I love her, I hate her, I am exhausted by her — and now she and I are getting new challenges. As long as I can sit back into these leathers and play Gwen, I'm happy.

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What has Gwen been up to since Jack left?
Myles: The last time you saw her, she was six months pregnant, and now she's got a six-month old. She went into hiding with her family as soon as Jack disappeared and when we resume, you find her living in the most remote part of the world, this tiny little cottage on the edge of a cliff, no roads in to or out of it. They are self-sufficient, growing all their own food. What we find out is that this idyllic chocolate box is completely kicked up to the hilt, armed with every weapon known to man including a rocket launcher, every kind of missile, knife, gun, anything. She's prepared for war. She's hysterical. Life is really only idyllic for Rhys...

So she's having a bit of separation anxiety...
What runs through her veins is Torchwood. It's her drug, her adrenaline. We pick up with her in a very, very strange, lost, quiet and suppressed state, really. As soon as Mr. Big turns up with his swishy coat and his vehicles and guns and helicopter, she couldn't be happier.

How could Captain Jack leave Gwen in the first place...
Myles: Well, he's never stopped watching her. She doesn't know this. He keeps her safe constantly. The hunt is on for Gwen Cooper. She's the last member of Torchwood. They want her dead, or, at least they want to contain her. She knows too much. Jack's her guardian angel.

If Rhys is in domestic bliss, how does he feel when Jack returns?
Myles: Can you imagine? Horrific. Hell no.

She'll have to juggle being a new mum with her Torchwood duties. Literally. Why can't she quit Jack?
Myles: She loves Jack. It's an unspoken love, the sort of love that will never be explained. It's a respect, it's old roots, it's a partnership so special and wonderful and, most important, completely works. They fix each other, and because of that, they need each other.

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The new season is being described as "global" in scope, but you've done a lot of shooting in America.
Myles: Well, it's very much split. Gwen's still got a lot of contact with Wales because her family is in Wales. She has a lot more to do with her family this year because they get mixed up in what happens in consequence to this horrible miracle day phenomenon. Then there's Jack in the U.S., so she's crossing the pond constantly. Her air miles are going to be fabulous, she's so busy.

Gwen's family gets mixed up in the action?
Yes, they do, and it's a bit strange. Torchwood seems to be mirroring my life somehow this year. Gwen's got a young child, and I've got a 16-month-old baby girl, so I had to move my entire family over here to pursue this. Then something happens with Gwen's family, and my mother had a heart attack while I've been away, and my father has cancer. Everything happening in the show's story seems to be happening in my life, so it's a bit peculiar. But there's a light at the end of the tunnel for everything, I believe. And Torchwood has just absolutely rocked this year.

Can you tease anything about the new Torchwood team members, and how they'll come into play?
There will be plenty of Rex and Gwen. They're wonderful because they're like raging bulls against each other. He does something to Gwen in the very first episode — it's unforgiveable. And then they are forced to work together!

Torchwood: Miracle Day premieres Friday at 10/9c on Starz.