Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Our top moments of the week:

11. Worst Reminder: When Tamra and Vicki head South of the Border to Cabo San Lucas on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra decides to "do as the Cabo-nians do" and do a body shot at the poolside bar. She urges her friend to do the same, but Vicki is far too mortified and reminds Tamra that she's the mother of four. Well, we guess someone has to teach them eventually, right?

10. Skating on Thin Ice Award: There's a time and a place to speak your mind, Bethenny, and your first practice session with your Skating with the Stars partner probably isn't the best time to insult him. "I felt badly because it looked like you could've gone to the Olympics and I felt like it was because you [had] your girlfriend as your partner," the Bethenny Ever After star bluntly tells Ethan Burgess. "I felt like your head got in your way." Hmm, that didn't seem to stop these two.

9. Best Show of Support, Part I: Don't you always wonder how the judges on The Amazing Race feel when racers take forever to finish a task? We'd be impatient, but kudos to the attendants at the tea-tasting Roadblock for cheering on Luke, and then hugging and picking him up when he finally finds the papaya mango tea — after four hours.

8. Saddest Memories: On Army Wives, tough guy Frank displays a rare instance of emotion when he and Denise break down while looking over childhood photos of their son, bad boy-turned-soldier Jeremy, who was killed in action. "It all went by so fast," he says, choking back tears.

7. That's What Best Friends for Six Months Are For Award: New BFFSM (that's "best friends for six months") Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon waste no time pranking each other. After Colbert erroneously claimed that the Late Night host had promised to match his donation of $26,000 to the charity, Fallon strikes back with a "promise" of his own: If fans can raise $26,000 by Friday, Colbert will perform Rebecca Black's notorious tune of the same name backed by The Roots. They have, and now Colbert will. He's already practicing!

6. Best Show of Support, Part II: On Parenthood, Julia learns that the couple's infertility problem lies not with Joel, but her: She has intrauterine scarring. "It's just that, uh, it makes it really, really hard to get pregnant, and, um, it's just really unlikely. Sorry," she tearfully tells her husband. "You shouldn't apologize to me for something like that," he replies. "All that matters right now is you."

5. Best Worst Spy: And here we thought the CIA challenge was on last season! On the Top Chef: All-Stars finale, eventual champ Richard Blais dispatches sous chef and the show's "craftiest motherf---er" Spike Mendelsohn to retrieve intel on the judges' thoughts of his dishes. Mission accomplished, as Richard is able to rectify his foie gras ice cream for the second service. But next time, lose your trademark fedora, Spike. A spy's supposed to be stealthy, dontcha know?

4. Worst Flip-Flopping: The typically eager-to-attack Dionne Warwick retracts her claws on Celebrity Apprentice when she tells Donald Trump to fire her because that was the consensus among Team ASAP. What's more shocking, she changes her mind after Trump says he does the firing, not the team. "It's really too late. You did the wrong thing. Dionne, you're fired," he says. "She looked me in the eye and she challenged me to fire her, and no one gets away with that." Way to make it easy on yourself, er, him.

3. Hottest Kiss: Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy pack on the PDA on Dancing with the Stars by sealing their quickstep with a big wet kiss that was apparently not choreographed. "I think it was spontaneous," a giggly Alley says in the celeb-quarium. "I wasn't going to do it." So what will we see in next week's rumba? 

2. Most Rousing Speech: Margo Martindale's blistering performance on Justified hits its apex when her character, pot-growing matriarch Mags Bennett, delivers a fiery plea at a town meeting to the people of Harlan County to prevent a big coal company from blowing the top of their mountain. After her venomous attack on Black Pike (and a few town residents who have already given over their land rights), she sweetly invites everyone out to her place for a good ol' fashioned "whoop-dee-do." We just hope anyone sampling Mags' "apple pie" brings their own glass.

1. Boldest Experiment: We snickered a little at the prospect of a musical episode of Grey's Anatomy, but it's hard to deny the transformative power of the entire Seattle Grace staff singing The Fray's "How to Save a Life" while, um, trying to save the life of Callie's premature daughter. (Bonus points to Ellen Pompeo for Meredith's — non-musical, but still devastating — confession scene.)

What were your top moments?