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Television told the truth this week. Brandy spoke her mind on The Amazing Race. Damon made his intentions clear on The Vampire Diaries. Laura Bush revealed some surprising opinions. Lost introduced us to Adam and Eve. And Betty White told it like it is on Saturday Night Live. Welcome to Top Moments: Straight Talk Edition.

10. Sorest Loser: Still bitter over being U-Turned on The Amazing Race by arch-enemies and third-place finishers Brent and Caite, Brandy lashes out at former Miss Teen USA contestant Caite at the final mat, souring Dan and Jordan's victory. "I don't want to hear sorry from you. You purposely whacked us," she snaps. Uh yeah, it's part of the game.

9. Best Wink: On Cougar Town, Travis is depressed when he realizes that he's only in one picture in his high school yearbook, and it's cropped weird to make him look like he's grasping the breasts of one of his teachers. Jules tries to reassure him, but then he finds her yearbook, which includes tons of pics of his mega-popular mom. "Is that you with Bruce Springsteen?" Travis asks. Cut to a photo of Courteney Cox on stage with the Boss (taken from his "Dancing in the Dark" video, in which Cox actually appears). Hey, baby!

8. Best Plot Seed: "I'm here to eat cotton candy and steal your girl," Damon tells his brother on The Vampire Diaries' season finale. Little did we know he was serious — sort of. After all hell breaks loose in Mystic Falls, Damon and Elena end up on her front porch, their faces just inches from each other, and then... there's a kiss. OMG! Damon and Elena are kissing! Of course there's a twist — it's actually Katherine, not Elena — a development sure to resonate next season.

7. Agree-to-Disagree Award: While promoting her new memoir, Spoken from the Heart, on Larry King Live, Laura Bush reveals that she supports gay marriage — an issue on which she and her husband, George W. Bush, have agreed to disagree. "I understand totally what George thinks and what other people think about marriage being between a man and a woman. And it's a real, you know, reversal really for that to accept gay marriage," the former first lady says. "But I think we could, yeah ... that will come, I think." She also reveals support for a woman's right to an abortion.

6. Best Return: On House, after Wilson gives the cranky doc the heave-ho, he returns to his old apartment to find that his spastic-but-lovable Mayfield Psychiatric roomie Alvie is squatting there. It turns out the jittery little guy has been pawning House's belongings so he can buy stuff like fluorescent yellow paint for the walls. Because what Alvie needs is more stimulation.

5. Best Cliff-hanger: On Supernatural's season finale, Sam sacrifices himself to trap Lucifer. But right before the credits roll, we see Sam spying on Dean's new life. Is it really Sam?

4. Most Bittersweet: On Private Practice, Addison's surgical heroics save both Maya and her baby, but Amelia fails to do the same for Dell, who dies on the table. Cheers for Maya's recovery bleed into shocked, muffled sobs as the actors say goodbye to both Dell and departing castmate Chris Lowell.

3. Most Stomach-Turning Scene: In 24's torture-of-the-week, Jack tears off pieces of flesh with pliers and cauterizes said wounds with a blowtorch. That's not incentive enough to get a Russian operative — who Jack suspects of shooting Renee — to talk. When Jack suspects his captive has swallowed the SIM card from his phone, he uses a very large knife to remove it, fish-gutting style. Call him Jack-Disem-Bauer.

2. Worst Reveal: Lost finally gives up the identity of the Adam and Eve skeletons: They're the remains of the Man in Black and his mother. It's a lame answer to one of the show's longest-running mysteries, particularly because it involves two characters we practically just met. Plus: We guessed wrong. We were convinced it was happily-stuck-in-the-'70s Rose and Bernard. And we hate being wrong.

1. Bluest Golden Girl: If you love foulmouthed old ladies as much as we do (hi, Nana!), you had to be delighted with Betty White's much-hyped appearance on Saturday Night Live. Our favorite sketch: "Delicious Dish," a National Public Radio spoof in which White plays a baker famous for her "muffin," which "hasn't had a cherry since 1939." They don't talk that way back in St. Olaf!