Game of Pugs Game of Pugs

This week, we learned that the Game of Thrones opening credit sequence is much better when redone with pugs. After passing on the sci-fi pilot Delirium last year, Fox opted to make the episode available on Hulu. Also, actress Eliza Coupewondered whether she should fake her own death and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog stopped by a few bars to observe fans watching the World Cup. And breakout singer Sam Smith debuted a gorgeous cover of Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know." Check out those clips and more in our weekly roundup of the best onlinevideos:

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Game of Pugs: Introducing ... Arya Bark? The residents of Westeros have never been cuter! Check out the theme song to Game of Thrones re-made with — what else? — pugs.

Eliza Coupe gets her cards read: In the latest video from Above Average, Happy Endings star Eliza Coupe peers into her future during a Tarot Card reading — and ponders whether she should fake her own death so she could "be the first person to accept a posthumous Emmy ... humorously." The predictions may be skewed, however, since the card reader admits to being on mushrooms.

Triumph interviews World Cup fans: Conan O'Brien's canine guest commentator, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, went bar-hopping in New York City to interview fans from Colombia, Greece and Uruguay about their countries' World Cup results. Of course, he didn't pass up the opportunity to also offer hilarious and offensive commentary on their sartorial choices, cultural traditions, and the game of soccer in general. In Part 2, the callous canine chats with fans of Italy, Japan and the Ivory Coast, as well as people still smarting from England's elimination.

Best World Cup goals: Speaking of the World Cup, here's a highlight reel of the five best GOOOOAAAAAALLLLLs in Round 2.

Mockingjay teaser: The chilling first teaser for the next installment in the Hunger Games franchise, Mockingjay Part 1, features President Snow (Donald Sutherland) delivering an ominous message to the residents of Panem. Paging Katniss!

Delirium pilot: Fox opted not to move forward with Delirium, a sci-fi pilot based on a young adult book series starring Emma Roberts. But rather than shelving the pilot completely, the network has decided to make it available on Hulu through July 14. Check it out below (via Tubefilter):

Sam Smith covers "How Will I Know": British singer Sam Smith is one of the year's biggest breakout artists, but a song that's not even included on his debut record, In the Lonely Hour, is quickly becoming his most popular hit. Smith recently performed a cover of Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" on the satellite radio program SiriusXM Hits 1, turning the popular dance song into an aching piano ballad. Once SiriusXM posted video of Smith's performance, it amassed about 1 million views in three days. Check it out here:

"Elders" react to Google Glass: The Fine Bros. decided to turn their "Kids react to [blank]" conceit on its head this week. Instead, this installment focuses on older people reacting to Google Glass.