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This week, the world mourned the loss of comedic genius Robin Williams, who committed suicide on Monday at age 63. To honor his legacy, which spanned decades and included several comedy specials in addition to movies and scripted TV shows, we've pulled some of the best segments from his standup routines, many of which were broadcast on HBO.(Warning: The language in many of the videos is NSFW.)

Elsewhere, The Tonight Show parodied House of Cards with "House of Cue Cards," and LeVar Burton introduced "Tweeting Rainbow" on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Also, the creator of "Prancercise" returned with an all-new fitness video. Check out those clips and more in our weekly roundup of the best online videos:

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Robin Williams' history of the Bible: In this clip from his 2002 special Live on Broadway, Williams covers biblical history, touching on events including the Immaculate Conception and the parting of the Red Sea.

Williams on the 2002 Olympics: In the same Live on Broadway special, Williams offered his thoughts on that year's Winter Olympics, which were held in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Williams on the weather: In his 2009 special Weapons of Self-Destruction, Williams shared his thoughts on weather trends like crazy hurricanes and earthquakes.

Live at the MetIn 1986, Williams taped a special at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York. It's endearing and bittersweet to see the comedian in complete awe of performing at the venue in this clip:

Live in London: At a 1987 gig for charity, Williams turned even a refined British audience into an uproarious one with his recollection of his flight across the pond:

We Are Most Amused: In 2008, Williams weighed in on the transition from President George W. Bush to President Barack Obama in the special We Are Most Amused:

"House of Cue Cards": Introducing Jimmy Fallon as the Tonight Show version of House of Cards' Frank Underwood, and Ellen Barkin as his Lady Macbeth-esque wife Claire.

Tweeting Rainbow: Here, Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton teaches a group of kids about the joys of reading through someone's Twitter feed.

Prancercise — Fitness with Passion: She's back! Joanna Rohrback, who invented the "Prancercise" craze that took the Internet by storm thanks to a viral video in 2012, has returned with a second iteration of Prancercise — and this one includes actual horses.