Ellen Pompeo, Paula Abdul Ellen Pompeo, Paula Abdul

We're kicking off a new regular feature on TVGuide.com, bringing you the best, funniest and most comment-worthy tweets from entertainment insiders.

We'll bring you the latest insights on your favorite shows, updates on the stars you love, and the occasional random thought — whatever people are tweeting about. We're also looking for your suggestions, so send in any submissions for the best tweets by 4/3c each day to @tvguide with the hash tag #tvgtoptweets.

Let's take a look at who tops our list today...

1. @shondarhimes Like I said, it is babies, babies, babies around here. Our own tiny baby boom. Not just the actors, the writers are also having babies...

2. @TheAmyBrenneman  Adelstein is wearing short pants like an English schoolboy. I wanna show you, but he's forbid me. Tyrant.

3. @michaelurie I've seen the first four webisodes of MODE AFTER HOURS season 2 and they're awesome!!! Let's just say role playing & sexual harrassment.

4. @PaulaAbdul Heading to the big apple today. Rehearsal, Rehearsal, Rehearsal! Divas is readily approaching. Only 1 week away! <3 all of you.

5. @rainnwilson I'm emcee-ing a panel tonight 4 Emmy nominated writers called 'Sublime Primetime' @ the Writers Guild Theatre. Get to meet creators of Lost!

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