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After eight weeks of high action on the So You Think You Can Dance floor, America voted off Adechike Torbert, naming Kent Boyd, Robert Roldan and Lauren Froderman Season 7's top 3 dancers.

For the first time this season, the decision of who exited this week was entirely up to the audience, and after 10 million votes, Adechike was the eighth dancer to be sent packing. The vote comes as no surprise after several lackluster performances, coupled with the judges' continued harsh critiques.

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The 23-year-old's harshest critic was judge Mia Michaels, who on several occasions berated the dancer. "I was kind of surprised [he was eliminated] because of the fact that his voting has been really high," said Michaels backstage. "I was a little shocked, but I think America got it right and I'm very happy with the three that are in there."

"I'm not surprised," Adechike said of his ouster after the judges' reaction to his performances on Wednesday night. "I've learned to embrace the harsh criticism and take it for what it is."

For what it's worth, judge Adam Shankman thought the night could've turned out differently. "Had Adechike drawn Robert's night, and Robert drawn Adechike's night, it might have gone a different direction," he said. "You can only do what the choreographers ask of you."

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As for Adechike's future plans, he's mulling the idea of moving to Hollywood, though would still like to hit Broadway. "I think this journey has shaped who I am right now and I'm going to apply everything that I've learned for my future endeavors," he said.