Shonda Rhimes, Kurt Sutter, Steven Levitan Shonda Rhimes, Kurt Sutter, Steven Levitan

In our opinion, showrunners are some of the most fun, engaging people to follow on Twitter. And it's not exactly surprising: they're paid to be creative. Not only do they make us laugh (i.e. @VDOOZER, Cougar Town's Bill Lawrence) but they often offer behind-the-scenes photos, scoop, and insight from on set. Below, we've compiled a list of our 20 favorites — are we forgetting anyone? Let us know in the comments!

Dan Harmon, @danharmon (Community): "MOM: when will you know about season 4? ME: Not til May. And by then I'll be working at CBS. MOM: The pharmacy? #WhenBlusterBackfires"

Bill Lawrence, @Vdoozer (Cougar Town): "Guys. Ratings-shmatings. They will be the same. Stop obsessing, and go eat a handful of bacon. That's what I'm doing."

Kurt Sutter, @SutterInk (Sons of Anarchy): " dear fans, please don't wear SOA CLOTHING when committing crimes. it could really hurt my chances for a HUMANITAS AWARD"

Hart Hanson, @HartHanson (Bones, The Finder): "My brainiac mathematical computations indicate that the ratings for The Finder would have been better last night if more people had watched."

Andrew W. Marlowe, @AndrewWMarlowe (Castle): "I'm editing all weekend. What's everyone else doing? I'm looking for some vicarious fun."

Warren Leight, @warrenleightTV (Law & Order: SVU): "TV reporter pop quiz: What 10pm drama was up 167% over its lead-in? What 10pm drama always goes up at the 1/2 hour, when all others go down?"

Julie Plec @julieplec (The Vampire Diaries): "Why does sitting down to write always paralyze me? Since I was a kid. Procrastinate until panic sets in. Then panic. Then write. So lame."

Bill Prady, @billprady (The Big Bang Theory): "Set dressing is setting up the comic book store"

Damon Lindelof, @DamonLindelof (Lost): "COMMUNITY is back at 8 on the 15th. I have a good feeling about those numbers."

Jeff Eastin, @JeffEastin (White Collar): "Script page sneak peek of tonight's episode "Stealing Home" directed by @TimDeKay."

Shonda Rhimes, @ShondaRhimes (Grey's Anatomy): "All of Season One. "You must be the woman who is screwing my husband." RT @bloolovessrk101 when did derek cheat?"

Michael Schur @KenTremendous (Parks and Rec.): "I have the best job in the world. #ParksandRec"

Elan Gale, @TheYearofElan (The Bachelor, Bachelorette) : "My #Bachelor drinking game of the night: Every time someone says the word 'family' or 'hometown,' or 'and,' I will have a drink"

Shawn Ryan @ShawnRyanTV (The Shield, Last Resort): "Marry her! RT @andysherwin I had dinner with my girlfriend's dad last week, and he agrees that The Shield is the best cop show ever."

Steve Levitan @SteveLevitan (Modern Family): " Brian Cranston is directing this week's episode of Modern Family. Super nice guy, but he smells like meth."

Rick Dunkle @RickDunkle (Criminal Minds): "Having a nerdgasm at the #CriminalMinds 7x19 read-thru! @GUBLERNATION assembled an awesome team of guest actors to play with us!"

Jim Michaels @TheJimMichaels (Supernatural): "Okay #Jimions, Baby's got "Back!" Nice sight to see! Hoping Dean gets behind her wheel soon!"

Steve DeKnight @stevendeknight (Spartacus): "No, he's pretty damn dead. RT @MrMarcusKFord @stevendeknight any chance that Barca is not dead?"

Michael Rauch @Michael_Rauch (Royal Pains): "Tonight's royal pains, directed by jay chandrashekar is really good, and very serious. As evidenced by this pic "

Emily Kapnek @EmilyKapnek (Suburgatory): "#SUBURGATORY fun fact: Dallas' dog "Yakult" also guests on #AmericanHorrorStory & #UpAllNight yet remains surprisingly down to earth on set"

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