Olympic Cauldron Olympic Cauldron

Our top moments of the week:

13. Most Tone-Deaf Elimination:
The Glee Project takes an interesting turn when the show's arguably three best singers land in the bottom three and are forced to sing for Ryan Murphy. Shanna, this season's frontrunner, dominates her Kelly Clarkson tune before mustering the courage to tell Murphy she doesn't belong at the bottom. Shockingly, he decides she's wrong and sends her packing. Um, so who's going to be the next Rachel Berry now?

12. Best 'Shipper Switcheroo: Now that Pretty Little Liars' Caleb is back in Rosewood, he and Hanna are sure to get back together, right? Wrong. Hanna instead gets extra-cozy with Spencer's former fling Wren! After Wren tells Hanna that, thanks to her, Mona won't be transferred out of town, Hanna couldn't contain her glee and kissed the hot doc. Wren's shocked reaction: "I thought you'd be pleased."

11. What's Up, Doc? Award: When Royal Pains' Dr. Van Dyke comes into work hungover and with a deep cut above his eye, Evan investigates just why Van Dyke got so hammered. After he learns from the local bartender that Van Dyke had been going on and on about a girl named "Ronnie," Evan and Paige decide to help Van Dyke through his heartbreak. Van Dyke confesses that Ronnie is 15 years old — which disgusts Paige... until she learns that Ronnie is a rabbit that Van Dyke has to put down. Let's file this one under: Don't ask; don't tell.

10. Most R-Rated Wake-Up Call: The close quarters get the best of Melissa on The Real Housewives of New Jersey when the gang heads to California on a camping trip. When Melissa goes over to the next RV to say good morning to Kathy and her husband Richie, she gets more than she bargained for: Richie comes to the front of the bus in his boxer shorts, sporting a very obvious erection that has to be blurred out by the camera. Melissa runs away while Richie just laughs it off. Ugh, keep it in the bedroom, Richie.

9. Most Heartbreaking Final Fight: In one of the most controversial moments of the 2012 London Olympic games thus far, South Korea fencer Shin A Lam loses the chance to compete in the finals when an error on the clock allows her opponent, Germany's Britta Heidemann, extra time to get her. After 25 minutes, officials award the final berth to Heidemann, but not without a very long and tear-filled protest from Shin, who sobs uncontrollably and refuses to leave the piste — to signify that she doesn't accept the officials' decision. Shin is later escorted off the stage by officials when her appeal is rejected.

8. Lost in Translation Award: On The Newsroom, Sloan is asked to fill in as anchor for the 10 p.m. broadcast, covering the Fukushima nuclear disaster. When she turns to Will for advice, he, in his usual distracted, grumpy state, encourages her to challenge guests when they give vague or deceitful answers. The advice blows up in Sloan's face when she —after learning during an off-the-record pre-interview that the radiation level in the reactors is much higher than reported — berates the Japanese translator, begins asking questions herself in Japanese (she's fluent!), and reports the information she'd been given confidentially. Sayonara, sister! We doubt she'll be asked to sub again anytime soon.

7. Worst Pillow Talk: On Bachelor Pad, Ed and Sarah make their way to the "Boom Boom Room," where the cameras catch the duo under the covers. Suddenly, Ed, who's drunk again, yells out, "Does that look like a pickle? Flying pickle!" (Unfortunately, we're serious.) Later, at the rose ceremony, a (somewhat?) sober Ed learns that his fling votes for him to leave. That must have been one sour pickle.

6. Worst Math: Breaking Bad's Walt and Jesse get their meth operation back up and running with the help of new partner Mike, who demands that he handles all business matters. Although he assists in finding a great cover — Walt and Jesse now cook via a mobile meth lab that they set up in a tented house set for insect extermination! — things get a bit tense when Mike divvies up the cash. Although Walt abides giving a percentage to the lawyers and drug mules involved in the conspiracy, he bristles when Mike suggests they each owe more than $100,000 of hush money to the nine men in Gus' empire that the DEA picked up. Although Mike wins the battle ("Just because you shot Jesse James, don't make you Jesse James," he says), Walt seems to have other (deluded) plans about beating Mike in the war. Which makes us wonder: How many lives does Walt have left?

5. Dumbest Stunt: After Keeping Up with the Kardashians matriarch Kris Jenner confesses to meeting up with the man who ended her last marriage, hubby Bruce Jenner and Kris' daughters decide to administer a lie detector test. (Bonus revelation: They finally prove that Kim is Kris' favorite daughter!) Although Kris maintains that the meeting only solidified that she made the right choice in marrying Bruce, when Kris is asked if she wants to have an affair with her ex, the polygraph needles go crazy. The music swells and Bruce storms off, but the polygraph expert ultimately says Kris passed. Honesty may be the best policy, but in this case, it was an overhyped waste of time.

4. Best Cliff-Hanger: After her recent change of heart, Rebecca still refuses to help her faux-brother Tommy steal her husband Christopher's energy plans on Dallas. Knowing the huge amount of money at stake, Tommy doesn't take no for an answer. When he tries to pressure her further, Rebecca grabs a gun and a struggle ensues before a single shot rings out and blood splatters on two nearby stuffed bears. So who was shot? We don't know, but we're sure worried about Rebecca and her babies. It may not be the next "Who shot J.R.?" but it's still a juicy tease for the finale.

3. Best Victory: On Tuesday's 4-by-200-meter swimming relay at the 2012 London Olympic games, Michael Phelps doesn't just win gold. He wins his record 19th medal and becomes the most decorated athlete in Olympic history. After getting off to a disappointing start at this year's Games, the victory is especially sweet for Phelps, who wins the race along with relay partner and rising star Ryan Lochte, who beat him just days earlier. As he hits the finish point, Phelps pauses and lets out a loud yell as the cameras pan to his sister and mother crying on the sidelines.

2. Brightest Flame: Though much of Danny Boyle's grand, eccentric Olympics Opening Ceremonies is a spectacle, one moment in particular is gold medal-worthy. After seven young British athletes light more than 200 copper leaves (each representing a country playing in the London Games), the leaves rise and converge to form one large, beautiful Olympic cauldron. It's a stirring image that symbolizes global unity over the competition. How could you not be in the Olympic spirit after watching? (For more Olympics moments, click here!)

1. Biggest Star:
Mary Lou. Carly. Nastia. Now Gabby. Sixteen-year-old Gabrielle Douglas became America's newest sweetheart with a near-empathic victory in the individual gymnastics all-around at the Olympics. Douglas, aka the "flying squirrel," led from wire to wire, hitting all her routines with fight and confidence, to become the first African-American to win the all-around. The win also marks the U.S.' third straight gold in the event and fourth overall. Douglas is also the first American to win the individual all-around and the team gold at one Olympics. Can you say Wheaties box?

What were your top moments?