Too Many Cooks Too Many Cooks

This... I... it's just... I don't even. Seriously, does anyone know what the heck is going on in the Adult Swim short Too Many Cooks?

The parody of 1980s sitcom opening credits, complete with actors stopping in mid-action to smile at the camera, devolves into something sinister several minutes into its run and then undergoes about four more transformations for one of the most bizarre viral videos of the year. Watch the video in its entirety (trust us), and then find out what creator Chris "Casper" Kelly (a writer for Squidbillies and co-creator of Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell) was thinking when he made it.

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Warning: the video contains cartoonish violence that might not be appropriate for everyone. It's also 11 minutes long.

So yeah, you just watched that. The video originally aired early in the morning on Adult Swim in late October, but caught fire Friday morning as it passed around the Internet after making its YouTube debut.

"I think it was probably one of those shower ideas that you don't know what to do with, and I knew Adult Swim was making 11-minute shorts," Kelly told EW. "I'm just a fan of that kind of humor where you repeat something ad nauseum and then it becomes funny again."

But seriously, dude, what the heck?

"I'm a fan of David Lynch and [Being John Malkovich writer] Charlie Kaufman and Tim and Eric, and I wanted to try to do something weird like that," Kelly said. "I was working intuitively, and there's a quote Elvis Costello has that I really like. He said, 'You start out imitating your heroes, and the way you f*** up becomes your style.'"

As for that killer who crept around and murdered dozens of people? He was there all along!

What's your take on Too Many Cooks?