White Collar White Collar

White Collar
10/9c USA
The cable net has found a new odd couple in Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) and Peter Burke (Tim DeKay). The pair, a slick con man and an FBI agent, respectively, strike up an uneasy partnership after Neal proposes a deal in which he'll work with Peter to catch elusive white-collar criminals in exchange for staying out of prison. It's a tenuous truce for the foes with a long history, but it's one they're both willing to explore. Diahann Carroll guest stars as a widow who sees Neal's good side and offers him some seriously luxurious new digs. — Brie Hearn


9/8c USA
It's a blast from the past for the Monk gang as Bitty Schram — a series regular from the first three seasons — guest stars in tonight's episode. Sharona returns to San Francisco to tie up some loose ends following her uncle's death, but Monk thinks there might be more to his death than meets the eye. While he investigates, Monk also tries to adjust to working simultaneously with Natalie and Sharona, and it's no small task. — Brie Hearn

Suite Life on Deck
8:30/7:30c Disney
American Idol champion Jordin Sparks guest stars as herself in this winning episode and performs her hit single "Battlefield." When Zack learns Sparks is on the ship, he devises a get-rich-quick scheme that includes writing a song for her and convincing her to put it on her next album. Meanwhile, a pint-size London wannabe attempts to steal her idol's identity. — Tim Holland

Ugly Betty
9/8c ABC
Last week's fourth-season premiere saw Betty emerge from Daniel's protective shadow to succeed — or fail — on her own, but as she makes her way as an editor, she'll still have to contend with a jealous Marc, who tries to undermine Betty's scoop from a top designer (Hamish Linklater). As for Daniel, his grief over Molly's passing has been all-consuming thus far, but tonight he meets a woman (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) at a support group who may be able to help him snap out of it. — Joe Friedrich

Stargate Universe
9/8c Syfy
Is the Destiny destined to crash into a star? The crew sure thinks so, which is why they came up with a grim lottery, one in the vein of the one from that famous Shirley Jackson tale. Seventeen winners get to escape in the ship's only working shuttle and the rest... could spend the last minutes of their lives working on their tans. — Michael Chant