Olivia Wilde, Emily Rios and Peter Jacobson, House Olivia Wilde, Emily Rios and Peter Jacobson, House

8 pm/ET Fox
Is the House-Cuddy thing over yet? House pulled back last week, but we probably won't be free of it for awhile. True, the title of tonight's episode is "Emancipation," but it refers to Foreman, who's again trying to break free of House's control. You can imagine how that ends up. (His solo case involves a sick boy who gets sicker on Foreman's watch.) Tonight's other medical puzzle is a 16-year-old girl who collapses at work. She says she's an orphan, but she might be lying as well as dying. — Paul Droesch

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The Shield
10 pm/ET FX
"Please tell me when this is going to be over?" Corinne begged to Vic last week. Nov. 25, Corinne. Just how it'll end is the big question, of course, and while Vic and Shane bought some wiggle room in the last episode, it'll take fancy footwork for both (particularly Vic) to get in the clear. And for what? A showdown between them? Meanwhile, Claudette launches a new Strike Team probe, and — whaddaya know — Billings has messed up again. — Paul Droesch

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Real Housewives of Atlanta
10 pm/ET Bravo
The wives' tales come to a close in the Season 1 finale. Sheree, humbled that her fashion show was far from seamless, seeks out a style tutorial from another Bravo reality star — Project Runway designer Mychael Knight. A flip to the sports page reveals that Ed returns to the NFL and Eric considers retiring from the NBA. All the drama climaxes with our domestic divas assembling for a dinner — likely tasty but also testy. Georgia still on your mind? Don't despair, the Southern belles return next week at 9 pm/ET in a one-off reunion special. — Dean Maurer

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Eli Stone
10:02 pm/ET ABC
Clients and attorneys have been leaving Jordan and Eli's new firm like rats abandoning a sinking ship, but to be fair to said vermin, their idea of a socially conscious partnership will be hard to keep afloat. However, if Eli can convince a billionaire philanthropist to back a trial to test the effectiveness of medical marijuana, it might go a long way toward keeping their enterprise liquid. On the other hand, of course, it could all go up in smoke. — Joe Friedrich

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8 pm/ET CBS
The crime drama has shown us that no one is safe, having lost two major cast members to violent deaths. So when it's disclosed — during a sweeps month — that a deadly top-secret war game the team is forced to play has serious consequences for one team member, we take note. The game also brings a startling revelation to light. — Bill Ecklund

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