Bones Bones

8/7c Fox
Stephen "tWitch" Boss was light enough on his feet to finish second in the fourth season of "So You Think You Can Dance." But when the aspiring actor guest stars on tonight's episode, his character will have to employ some pretty fancy footwork to get out of a murder charge after a rival street dancer's skull is discovered at a construction site. Meanwhile, Hannah's instincts as a war correspondent could come in handy when she's assigned to cover a story in a dangerous part of town. — Joe Friedrich

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The Big Bang Theory

8/7c CBS
Eliza Dushku makes an appearance as an FBI agent who has to interview the guys for Howard's security clearance. Sheldon may have a few choice things to say about Howard, who's not on his good side when he refuses to accept Sheldon's apology... which perplexes Sheldon. — Bill Ecklund

Vampire Diaries
8/7c CW
The sophomore season continues to enthrall with each episode proving more pivotal than the last. But tonight's entry will be hard pressed to top last week's top-notch outing in which Katherine was entombed by her onetime lover Damon, Tyler accidentally set off the Lockwood family curse that transforms him into a werewolf, and Elena was abducted by a mysterious masked stranger at the masquerade ball. Katherine warned Damon that Elena was in danger and Katherine still possesses the powerful moonstone, so we probably haven't seen the last of her. On a more hopeful note, it appears Jeremy and Bonnie are falling for each other, and the same may be true for Caroline and Tyler. — Tim Holland

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The Office9/8c NBC Last week's Halloween-themed episode highlighted some of the scary goings-on in Season 7. There's Darryl's power maneuvering by taking an idea to corporate behind Michael's back (cue to an unhinging Michael), Pam's past with Danny, not to mention that growing office romance between Erin and newbie Gabe — a development that continues to haunt a jealous Andy. Frightmarish, indeed. The mock-doc continues to rock tonight, scaring up a plot centering on Jim and Pam celebrating the christening of their baby, Cece. But this special moment could turn into a creep show when Michael invites the entire office to the event. —

Dean MaurerReal Housewives of Beverly Hills10/9c Bravo Last week, a blitz to the glitz of Las Vegas resulted in clashing and trashing between Camille and Kyle. Proving that not all stays in Vegas, they continued their fight back home. Hot off the (high) heels of this Sin City drama, we turn to Taylor tonight. The Oklahoma native-turned-chic 90210 lady spends no less than $50,000 on a tea party for her daughter's fourth birthday, yet that pales next to the gift her husband presents. As for Camille, she takes in some rest and relaxation at her Hawaii home and casts light on her marriage. But it's Lisa who takes the cake when a birthday surprise awaits her. — Dean Maurer

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Private Practice10:01/9:01c ABC Did you hear what happened to Charlotte King? In case you blinked, Charlotte — arguably the show's toughest female doctor — was sexually assaulted at the very end of last week's episode, just after she and Cooper had come to tentative terms with their baby dilemma. The jarring incident's ramifications are sure to be far-reaching as November sweeps episodes continue. But tonight her colleagues must come to her immediate aid. Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Nicholas Brendon plays the rapist, who turns out to be mentally unstable. — Paul DroeschNext Stop for Charlie11/10c Showtime One of Showtime's late-night series, I Can't Believe I'm Still Single: From Portland to Portland, is a road comedy about an unlucky-at-love filmmaker looking for a meaningful relationship. This new road comedy stars Neil Mandt as globetrotter Charlie Murray, who takes to the highways looking to track down his peripatetic cousin Erik, who dropped out of med school, took his tuition money and hit the trail. Among Charlie's future stops are the Philippines, Australia, Brazil, Denmark and Morocco. — Ray Stackhouse