The Amazing Race The Amazing Race

Amazing Race 17
8/7c CBS
Brook and Claire will attempt to hold on to their lead as the teams continue to race in Ghana. Last week, home-shopping host Brook had no trouble selling sunglasses to locals, but tonight a deceptively simple quiz could cause problems. Also, the punishing Ghana heat proves too much for one racer, who requires medical attention due to the extreme temperatures. — Tim Holland

Sunday Night Football
8:15/7:15c NBC
Quarterback problems have plagued both of these teams early this season. After an off-season of touting the new Kevin Kolb era, the Eagles decided Michael Vick was their man, only to lose him to a rib injury and end up with a slightly deflated Kolb again. The Niners, who host Philly tonight, renewed their vows with Alex Smith, but unless he can improve on his three TD passes, seven interceptions, and zero wins, the relationship could be headed for some irreconcilable differences. The Birds, won 27-13 last year. — Dave Roeder

Cleveland Show
8:30/7:30c Fox
Cleveland's feeling blue and needs a vacation, so he decides to take the family on a trip to Africa. It seems that he needs a compass, too, because the Browns end up in Hawaii. Good move: Sunshine and a mai tai or two are just what he needs to perk him up. Director David Lynch returns to provide to voice of Gus, the bartender at Stoolbend's Broken Stool; and Edward Asner (who's 80) guests as an "Old Man." — Paul Droesch

Boardwalk Empire
9/8c HBO
It looks like Nucky ordering Jimmy to skedaddle is the best advice he could give him — because while Van Alden may be ruthless in extracting confessions, Rothstein enforcer Lucky Luciano has more than just interrogation in mind. Besides, Jimmy's time in Chicago can let him compare notes with that other budding gangster, Al Capone. Back in Atlantic City, Nucky pulls out all the stops to lobby some political bigwigs, including New Jersey senator Walter Edge, for more road access to the seaside resort. — Joe Friedrich

9/8c Showtime
Sometimes it must be murder to be Dexter. He has a full-time job as a blood-splatter analyst with the Miami Police Department, a side job stalking and killing on-the-loose murderers and, now that he's a widower, he has infant Harrison at home to look after. The solution: hire a nanny. But is he in the market for a Nanny McPhee type, a Mary Poppins model or something along the lines of a Mrs. Doubtfire? You'll see. In other developments, Deb gets a new partner and Quinn has a new theory regarding Rita's homicide. — Ray Stackhouse

Mad Men
10/9c AMC
As the three-time Best Drama Emmy winner winds down to the last embers of another outstanding season — the fourth go-round ends next week — emotional and personal woes continue. Last week, Don smoldered after the agency lost the Lucky Strike cigarettes account that Roger let go up in smoke, and Peggy and Abe's bedroom romp brought their relationship to a new level. Tonight, Betty is pleased to learn that a suddenly more mature Sally doesn't want to dine at the kiddie table with her younger siblings, but would rather sup with her mother and Henry. And Don encounters an old friend while trying to navigate a crisis. — Ray Stackhouse

Brothers & Sisters
10:01/9:01c ABC
One characteristic of the Walkers is their penchant for unfettered candor: Witness Nora's admonishment of her children last week to face their problems head-on. But as even Nora might admit, honesty isn't always the best policy, and that's evident tonight when the family plans a birthday party for Sarah, who has been lying to Luc about her age. Meanwhile, up in Ojai, Kitty hides her identity as a U.S. senator's widow after meeting a handyman — and potential suitor (Jeremy Davidson). — Joe Friedrich