Medium Medium

8/7c CBS
Season 7's second episode materializes, tracking buoyant clairvoyant Allison as she investigates a series of killings. But mysterious events soon turn this into Match Game 2010. While on the criminal task, Allison begins to discern bizarre symbols floating above people's heads, and she concludes the hovering figures could be mechanisms to pair people up with their soul mates. Elsewhere, workplace dramas stagger Joe when one of his employees levels charges of sexual harassment against a colleague. Tony Hale and Lana Parrilla guest star. — Dean Maurer

8/7c CW
What do the villains of Smallville have against the Daily Planet's women reporters? Lois, who has seen her fair share of drama as the Planet's fearless reporter, has left for Egypt and replaced by Cat Grant (Keri Lynn Pratt). No sooner does Cat land at the office than she is targeted by the assassin, Deadshot (Bradley Stryker), and of course rescued by Clark (who it seems also has a thing for the DP's lady writers). So, what's Lois up to while all this is going on?  She's hanging out in the shadow of the pyramids with self-appointed bodyguard Carter Hall and his wife Shayera (Sahar Biniaz). Not a bad gig. — Rhoda Charles

Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss
9/8c TLC
Randy, Nicole and the rest of the Say Yes to the Dress crew are back in this six-part spin-off, which follows Kleinfeld's plus-size brides-to-be on the often-emotional journey of searching for a dream wedding dress. In the opener, things get off to a rough start for one curvy client when she rips the first dress she tries on. And later, an aspiring bride shops for a gown, despite not yet being engaged. Luckily, her soon-to-be fiancé is waiting for her with a ring. — Karen Andzejewicz

Todd Margaret
10/9c IFC
How's this for a triple-Cross? This 6-episode office comedy was created and co-written by David Cross, who also stars as the title character, a clueless American temp worker who is sent to London to head up a satellite division of a new energy drink called Thunder Muscle. The product has its origins in North Korea and contains some mysterious, suspect ingredients. Once in the United Kingdom, Todd acquires an opportunistic assistant (Blake Harrison) and falls for a lovely local lass (Sharon Horgan). — Ray Stackhouse

Teach: Tony Danza
10/9c A&E
Tony Danza has a new role in front of a live audience. Of course, it's a captive audience, more or less, and there are tests in the end! In this seven-part reality series, the actor, who earned a history degree before finding fame playing a good-natured boxer-cabbie in the classic sitcom Taxi and, again playing a character named Tony, in Who's the Boss?, teaches 10th grade English at Philadelphia's Northeast High School. In the opener, he meets the principal, his teaching coach and his class, and takes on a football coaching gig in hopes of bonding with his students. — Bill Ecklund

Friday Night Alright
11/10c VH1
This two-hour collection of performances from the Hard Rock Calling Festival in London's Hyde Park in June of 2010 really pulls out all the stops. Included are performances by some of music's most venerable acts, including Paul McCartney; Stevie Wonder; Crosby, Stills and Nash; Elvis Costello; Pearl Jam; Jamiroquai; and Ben Harper. So make sure to arrive early and find a spot near the stage. — Fred Mitchell