Glee Glee

8/7c Fox
Third place at Regionals just didn't cut it, and Season 2 begins with the glee kids back in the dumps. Time to call in reinforcements. Two possibilities: transfer student Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet) and exchange student Sunshine Corazon (Charice). Meanwhile, Figgins is threatening more budget cuts, and he has an ally in the new football coach, a woman named Shannon Beiste (Dot Marie Jones), who looks upon the gleeks and the Cheerios with equal disdain. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship between Will and Sue? — Paul Droesch

Biggest Loser
8/7c NBC
The weight-loss reality show kicks off its 10th season by introducing its new "Pay It Forward" theme for this round. To start things off, Bob and Jillian visit seven cities across the country and lead community-wide workouts. Within the crowds, three contestants participating in the exercises are also competing to win a spot on the ranch, but only two from each city will move on. Also appearing in the premiere are former contestants Danny Cahill, Mike Morelli and Mark Kruger. — Brie Hearn

Raising Hope
9/8c Fox
Remember the Family Circus when P.J. bounced around in his car seat and Grandma forgot her shirt? Of course not, but it happens in this goofy sitcom that's the opposite of Bil Keane's saccharine strip. Now, no babies were harmed during the making of the series, but that's mostly luck on the part of twentysomething Jimmy, whose one-night stand turns him into a single dad who gets help from his uncouth folks (Martha Plimpton, Garret Dillahunt) and occasionally topless grandmother (Cloris Leachman). — Joe Friedrich

NCIS: Los Angeles
9/8c CBS
One of the agents vanishes in the second-season opener, and to solve the disappearance, the team must work with the LAPD on a case that takes them into the world of human trafficking. It also gives newly minted liaison Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen, who joins the cast), to show off his skills, which impressed Hetty enough to request his services. — Bill Ecklund

Warehouse 13
9/8c Syfy
In the beginning of the season, we learned that one of the fathers of science fiction was actually a woman who's been kept under a bronze coating for the last 64 years. Now it turns out that H.G. Wells is a baddie, and, unsurprisingly, the War of the Worlds author has a destructive side. Two incredibly dangerous artifacts are in play in this eventful second season finale. — Michael Chant

Sons of Anarchy
10/9c FX
Jax learns that Abel's in Vancouver, and the guys make plans to head up there and find him. But first it's party time: It seems that money's short, so to raise funds SAMCRO recruits Lyla's porn-industry colleagues — and Lyla (Winter Ave Zoli) herself — for an X-rated affair at Henry Lin's restaurant. How much of this do you think Opie will be able to take? Meanwhile, Nate's caregiver (Monique Gabriela Curnen) is giving Gemma and Tara fits, but tonight's big news is a delightfully ghoulish cameo by a mystery guest star. — Paul Droesch

Detroit 1-8-7
10:01/9:01c ABC
The gritty Detroit-based cop drama, which takes the longtime NYPD Blue slot, premieres with veteran homicide detective Fitch (Michael Imperioli) and his new partner Washington (Jon Michael Hill) investigating a double murder at a pharmacy. For Washington, the day is complicated by the flip side of death: His wife is due to give birth any minute. James McDaniel (Lt. Fancy from Blue) co-stars as the department sage who, with his partner Mahajan (Shaun Majumder), looks into the murder of an attorney.  — Jeff Gemmill