Hellcats Hellcats

9/8c CW
This new drama about a pre-law student Marti Perkins, who wins a spot on her Memphis university's competitive cheer squad for the sole purpose of collecting a scholarship, is designed to become a hit faster than you can say "layout stepout." The great ensemble cast is led by Aly Michalka (Marti) and Ashley Tisdale, whose succeed-at-all-costs perfectionist Savannah Monroe isn't far from her High School Musical Sharpay persona. Add some rocking cheer-squad performances, cheering-for-the-underdog moments, and less-than-cheery cattiness and, well, Hellcats...hell yes! — Bill Ecklund

America's Next Top Model

8/7c CW
The theme for the 15th cycle is high fashion, and the winner receives a spread in Vogue Italia. Thirty-two would-be models arrive in Palm Springs as the season opens and they are quickly whittled down to 20 and then to the 14 finalists who will compete for the title. The solid premiere doesn't offer any new twists or surprises, but the new cast is stunning and some of their personal stories are genuinely touching. — Tim Holland

10/9c USA
Psych heads into its summer finale tonight with guest star Franka Potente. The Bourne trilogy alum channels some of the super-spy moves from those films as she plays a government agent who seeks help from Shawn and Gus. After being accused of a crime she says she didn't commit, she drags the guys into her quest to clear her name. — Brie Hearn

10/9c FX
Executive producer Shawn Ryan, whose last FX crime drama was The Shield, is back on the cable network, but this time things aren't nearly as intense. True, tires screech, bullets fly and folks die, but Ryan and screenwriter Ted Griffin (Ocean's Eleven), who created this series, also find humor in the private investigations of schlubby Hank Dolworth (Donal Logue), an ex-police detective who's also an ex-husband and an ex-drinker, and his commitment-phobic buddy Britt Pollack (Michael Raymond-James). They'll be preoccupied this season with a prominent real-estate developer who they think is a killer. — Paul Droesch

Top Chef
10/9c Bravo
The culinary drama promises to be piping hot when the final four chefs try to seal the deal with an expert meal in Part 1 of the two-part Season 7 finale, which whisks the culinarians to Singapore in the first-ever internationally located finale. Recalling last week's out-of-this-world test, the meal masters produced tasty space-food creations, but charming and talented Tiffany was ultimately lost in space and was eliminated. That leaves Kelly, Ed, Kevin and Angelo shooting for the stars in this exotic land. The finale's conclusion airs next week. — Dean Maurer

Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the New York Jets
10/9c HBO
You're got your high-profile veterans trying to get ready for the season, your rookie hopefuls attempting to fit in, and your free agents hoping to make enough of an impression to stay in football. And they're all under the watchful eyes of a coach, Rex Ryan, who loves to eat and swear, and seems to enjoy his job immensely. Tonight's season finale includes the last exhibition game with Philadelphia, and of course, the final cuts made to the regular-season roster. — Dave Roeder

Colbert Report
11:31/10:31c Comedy Central
Since President Obama declared an end to U.S. combat operations in Iraq last week, cheerleader-in-chief Stephen Colbert is ready to roll out the welcome wagon for the returning forces with two episodes entitled, "Been There, Won That: The Returnification of the American-Do Troopscape." In front of an audience of veterans and active-duty members, tonight's guests are Vice President Joe Biden and Gen. Raymond Odierno (USA), and tomorrow's include Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) and Lance Cpl. Joshua Bleill (USMC). — Joe Friederich