Sons of Anarchy Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy
10/9c FX
When we left Charming last December, Ethan Zobelle (Adam Arkin) was leaving as well, and as Season 3 begins, Gemma's hot-footin' out of town herself: Stahl (Ally Walker) framed her for the murder of gunrunner Edmund Hayes, so she's a fugitive. Gemma will seek out her dad (Hal Holbrook), a retired preacher, tonight. But the new season's biggest story line promises to be the kidnapping of Jax's son, Abel. SAMCRO members are pretty sure that Hayes' father, Cameron, took the boy, but they don't know where he is. Nor do they know if the boy is dead or alive. — Paul Droesch

America's Got Talent

9/8c NBC
Four singers. A dance pair and a dance crew. Performance artists. A magician. An opera singer. Oh, who can forget the stunt bike rider? These electric, eclectic acts make up Season 5's Top 10 acts. After a ratings-grabbing 28 episodes, the leisurely paced season begins winding down (the finale airs on Sept. 15). In tonight's performance edition, the tenacious 10 showcase their unique talents in Hollywood, their hopes to secure a slot in the coveted final four still held high. Enrique Iglesias performs the song "I Like It." — Dean Maurer

Rachel Zoe Project
10/9c Bravo
Frowns over gowns continue. When we last met up with Rachel, she learned she couldn't secure a prized Oscar gown from a New York show. Yet this Oscar debacle only gets worse tonight when the replacement gown, found in Milan for actress Demi Moore's shining red-carpet moment, doesn't measure up. Then, Rachel and her couture club are on a slippery slope when figure skater Johnny Weir calls for some style council. Although Rachel's on thin ice trying to tone down the athlete's flamboyant look, Brad seemingly thrives in the mission. — Dean Maurer

White Collar

9/8c USA
In tonight's emotional final episode of the summer, Neal comes closer to finding Kate's killer and sets up an elaborate con, with help from Alex, to get some answers. But his personal ties to the case become a liability, so Peter tries to bench him...with little success. — Brie Hearn

The View

11 a.m./10c ABC
They're tanned. They're rested. And they're back. The ladies of The View open this daytime-talk staple's 14th season this morning, but the big news is the return to full-time duty of cohost-executive producer Barbara Walters, who underwent heart-valve surgery in May. Joining Elisabeth, Joy, Sherri and Whoopi to welcome Babs back is guest David Letterman, who knows a thing or two about heart surgery himself. Incidentally, the gals will mark a milestone of note on Sept. 23: the gabfest's 3000th show. — Paul Droesch

30 for 30
8/7c ESPN
Mike Tyson's comedic cameo in The Hangover highlighted one kind of night-gone-wrong in Las Vegas. Director Reggie Bythewood focuses on a far serious variety involving the star-crossed boxer in One Night in Vegas. The latest installment in ESPN's inspired 30th anniversary documentary series examines the 1996 murder of rap artist Tupac Shakur, who had attended Tyson's fight against Bruce Seldon just hours before being shot in the chest while en route to a post-fight party hosted by Suge Knight. Bythewood examines Shakur's friendship with Iron Mike as well as theories behind the shooting's drawn-out investigation. — Roger Leister

My Trip to Al-Qaeda
9/8c HBO
Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney (Taxi to the Dark Side) teams up with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Lawrence Wright for this 2010 documentary that combines portions of Wright's one-man play with his research for his book The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11. The result is a riveting, connect-the-dots journey told in a topical style, rather than chronological, that examines the roots of terrorism, the formation of Al-Qaeda and the policies the U.S. employs to fight them. — Joe Friederich