Rescue Me Rescue Me

Rescue Me
10/9c FX
"No booze, no grudges and no Sheila." Those were Janet's conditions as she and Tommy set out, yet again, to put their marriage back together last week. We'll see in tonight's season finale how many of them Tommy will honor. Make that: How many can Tommy honor? He's being pulled in a number of different directions amid the turmoil following Damien's accident, and the episode's title, "A.D.D.," does refer to him. Meanwhile, Sean and Mike's efforts to memorialize firefighter Pat Mahoney finally pay off, sort of. And Lou has an FDNY physical coming up. — Paul Droesch


8/7c ABC
It's ladies night at the world's "biggest obstacle course," and the dunks in the drink are on the house. Tonight, 24 women take on obstacles including Plank in the Face (ouch!), Trampoline Sweeper and Beauty Bar (again, it's on the house). In the end, all but one will wipe out (cue the surf rock guitar). — Fred Mitchell

19 Kids and Counting
9/8c TLC
Josie, the littlest Duggar, has been battling health problems since she was born last December. After months and months in the hospital, she's finally heading home and reuniting with all 18 of her brothers and sisters. But before Jim Bob, Michelle and the baby can take their long-awaited trip home to Northwest Arkansas, they've got to pack up their temporary home in Little Rock. Good thing they've got 18 helpers on hand to speed up the process. — Karen Andzejewicz

Make It or Break It
9/8c ABC Family
Gymnastics coaching legend Bela Karolyi guests stars in tonight's midseason finale as Sasha's father and former coach, Boris. His visit doesn't come at a great time for Sasha, who's dealing with a potential scandal thanks to Ellen Beals exploiting evidence of Payson's crush on him. Coach Beals is a very busy woman, as she also has her hands full trying to sabotage Kaylie, Lauren and Emily's efforts to make the U.S. World team. — Jennifer Sankowski

Warehouse 13
9/8c Syfy
In what will not come as a surprise to the show's fans, Artie (Saul Rubinek) has made some enemies in his time...and that includes the Russians. Tonight, he also learns the hard way that it would have been better for him to stay in the warehouse and leave Pete and Myka the task of tracking a murderer who's using artifacts to kill. — Michael Chant

9/8c Fox
High-school life is tough enough if you're a "gleek," and now the glee kids must deal with the "glist," a tip sheet ranking their "hotness quotients", in this May repeat. Not surprisingly, Will is hot under the collar. Meanwhile, Sue is actually embarrassed. No, she's not feeling remorse for all the things she does for which she should feel remorse, but a video of her performing Olivia Newton-John's 1981 hit "Physical" has surfaced. Newton-John has a cameo, and Molly Shannon signs on as an astronomy teacher who won't get along with Sue any better than Will does. — Paul Droesch

Shaq Vs.
9:01/8:01c ABC
Relax, young ladies. Shaq isn't going to be squaring off with Justin Bieber in anything that might see the current pop sensation come to harm. It's merely a dance-off, which could cause more harm to the big man, should he bust the incorrect move. Tonight's safer challenge may be a monologue face-off with comedian Jimmy Kimmel, which could prove to be emotionally damaging for O'Neal if Kimmel has seen the dance-off. — Dave Roeder