Memphis Beat Memphis Beat

Memphis Beat
10/9c TNT
The crime show's 10-episode inaugural season comes to a close with music-loving sleuth Dwight Hendricks trying to hit the right notes regarding an important, unresolved case from his past. Cut to a seedy pocket of Memphis, where an enigmatic man with amnesia is found with a bullet wound. Dwight digs into the mystery man's apparently shady past...and explores the possibility that he might be connected to the unsolved beating death of a little girl. Can Dwight heat up this cold case? Meanwhile, a financially troubled Lt. Rice considers a change in career. — Dean Maurer


8/7c History
A profile of Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) seeks to explore the enigmatic and paradoxical elements of the life of the third U.S. president. In addition to chronicling Jefferson's childhood, education, political career and seemingly endless interests (including music, architecture, inventing and horticulture) the documentary explores often-contradictory aspects of the complex man. Topics include his much-debated relationship with slave Sally Hemings, his friendship with John Adams and his legacy. — Bill Ecklund

30 for 30
8/7c ESPN
Long before Brett Favre set new standards for playing-career indecisiveness, Michael Jordan turned the sports world on its head by temporarily ditching the NBA for a shot at double-A baseball in the White Sox organization. If not for YouTube footage of M.J. in his Birmingham Barons uniform (usually swinging at air), it would be difficult to convince today's young fans that it actually happened. While Jordan knocked just three balls out of the park in 436 at-bats, ESPN has hit home runs with regularity in this 30th-anniversary documentary series, doing so again tonight as director Ron Shelton ("Bull Durham") revives that surreal summer of 1994 in "Jordan Rides the Bus." — Roger Leister

Shaq Vs.
9:01/8:01c ABC
It's mano-a-mano for two of the pro-hoop world's most interesting characters, as Shaq takes on Charles Barkley. And they aren't on the court, but on the links, as the basketball icons meet in a five-hole golf challenge in Dana Point, Cal. And Barkley, once known as the "Round Mound of Rebound," may want to check out the second challenge, as O'Neal squares off with competitive eater Joey Chestnut in a hot-dog eating contest in Las Vegas. — Dave Roeder

Covert Affairs
10/9c USA
Now that he's stuck behind a desk, Auggie has made his longing for field work no secret. But when he finally gets what he wants — an assignment tracking a hacker who attacked D.C.'s communication systems — he may regret leaving the security of the office. Turns out the hacker is his ex, the one who got away. For Annie, the conflict sheds some light on Auggie's past, as well as his closely guarded romantic life. — Brie Hearn

10/9c PBS
It's theorized that dreams are little more than the subconscious mind processing the day's events. But does the subconscious perceive truths that evade us while awake? Spurred by several night visions about death, including one that predicted she'd die within a year, filmmaker Amy Hardie focuses on the link between metaphysics and reality in the fascinating and personal Edge of Dreaming. Along the way, she learns about our conscious and subconscious selves — and develops a life-threatening lung ailment. — Jeff Gemmill

Rescue Me
10/9c FX
Remember how Janet likened Tommy's affair with Sheila to "a dagger in my heart" last week? Well, after walking in on the star-crossed cheaters at just the wrong moment, Mickey's certainly holding a sword over Tommy's neck as tonight's episode begins. It's the next-to-last one of the season, so it's no surprise that the producers ginned up the Janet-Tommy-Sheila soap opera. We'll see how this one plays out. Meanwhile, it seems that Damien wants to leave the FDNY...and that Lou might have to. — Paul Droesch