Mad Men Mad Men

Mad Men
10/9c AMC
Don and Pete execute a deft little end-around in an attempt to score a new client who could hopefully help turn their corner of Madison Avenue into Easy Street. But things are never that easy at Sterling Cooper Draper Price, and who would expect otherwise? In a lighter vein at the office, Don is slowly becoming exasperated with his well-experienced (read not-so-young), not-so-efficient new secretary, Miss Blankenship (Randee Heller), an escapee from the mothballs of the secretarial pool. — Ray Stackhouse

Hannah Montana Forever

8/7c Disney
Miley realizes how blessed she is to have her dad with her all the time when she discovers that her new boyfriend's father is a soldier in Afghanistan. This touching episode saluting military families concludes with Hannah performing two songs ("Been Here All Along," "I'm Still Good") for families of service men and women, and several military wives and their children send greetings to their loved ones serving overseas. — Tim Holland

True Blood
9/8c HBO
While wondering if Russell's next TV appearance will be on America's Most Wanted, it's worth noting that the list of individuals who know what Sookie is keeps getting longer...and we're not on it. Perhaps we'll find out tonight, when Bill issues a warning to her about future threats, though the spine-tingling feeling surrounding her identity still beats having one's backbone ripped out. Speaking of which, Eric might want to watch his, because the 3000-year-old vampire king is hell-bent on revenge. — Joe Friedrich

9/8c TNT
Akira Kurosawa's cinematic masterwork, Rashomon, has been quite influential since its 1950 release. Playing on subjectivity, perception and recollection, the Japanese film revolved around a crime as remembered by characters in contradictory ways — a clever device that helped inform the plot intricacies of such modern-day winners as The Usual Suspects and Reservoir Dogs. Now the film leaves its mark on TNT's high-styled con-job series as well. In tonight's unique outing, the team members recall — with very different perspectives — how they each tried to take the same artifact on the same night, five years earlier. — Dean Maurer

Army Wives
10/9c Lifetime
Army Wives wraps up its fourth season with new beginnings as a very pregnant Denise has a life-altering experience and Emmalin marches towards graduation. The news may not be so good, however, for Claudia Joy, who has been unsettled ever since Michael's deployment. And Pamela, who has been dealing with her new life as a single, working mom, may find that she is called into a new situation entirely, which would leave Roxy all alone at the Hump bar. — Rhoda Charles

The Glades
10/9c A&E
Network The fictional and real worlds, and the paranormal and the empirical, all meet in a case involving the murder of a psychic adviser. The setting for the crime drama that's becoming a hit for A&E is set in fictional Palm Glade, Fla., but the murder takes Longworth and Carlos to the very real town of Cassadaga, often called the "Psychic Capital of the World." A former medium assists in solving the crime, and also unsettles Longworth by telling him that someone close to him will die soon. — Bill Ecklund

Swamp People
10/9c History
Following in the work-boot carved footsteps of Ax Men and Ice Road Truckers, the History Channel continues mining the reality sub-genre of "manly men (with apologies to Lisa on I.R.T.) doing manly things" with Swamp People. The series wades into the wilds of Louisiana as it follows a group of Cajuns during the 30-day alligator-hunting season, and, in the opener, one of them hunts for an elusive gator called "Big Head." — Bill Ecklund