Work of Art Work of Art

Work of Art: The Next Great Artist
10/9c Bravo
After presenting a nine-week odyssey of artistic tasks and tests, the arty competition series' first season draws to a close. In this inaugural year, the up-and-coming Picasso wannabes created aesthetic craft from garbage, book-cover art, shocking canvasses, a sweeping outdoor installation piece and, last week, they framed nature-based work. It all climaxes when the finalists present their solo collections at a gala opening, to be followed by the naming of a winner. — Dean Maurer

America's Got Talent

9/8c NBC
The ratings-scoring summer series was slated to venture in a slightly different direction last night by delving into the Webosphere by showcasing the acts, antics and active art of 12 performers from YouTube. These Internet sensations hope they clicked with viewers and judges Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel and Piers Morgan, for they now await their verdict in tonight's results show. Four of the acts will advance to the semifinal round, which kicks off on Aug. 24. — Dean Maurer

Hot in Cleveland
10/9c TV Land
If it's Wednesday, it must be another casting coup for Hot in Cleveland. Heartthrob Joe Jonas, one-third of the famous singing brothers, guest stars as Melanie's son, Will, who comes for a visit but winds up an unfortunate victim of his mother's incurable snooping. Elsewhere in the household, Victoria is nominated for an Emmy, but when Elka advises her to fake a medical condition to win sympathy votes, it attracts the attention of a local doctor (Dave Foley). — Joe Friedrich

Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the New York Jets
10/9c HBO
The New York Jets training camp is the venue as the sixth season of the sports-reality series begins in Cortland, N.Y. As usual, expect a good sprinkling of camp high jinks to mesh with the realities of players battling for jobs and the chance to fulfill their dreams. Among those expected to be the focus this season: affable head coach Rex Ryan, and pass-defender extraordinaire Darrelle Revis, whose contract holdout may relegate him to a bit part. — Dave Roeder

LA Ink
10/9c TLC
Corey has been with Kat since the beginning, but things started to get tense between the two last season, and in the Season 4 premiere, he walks out, leaving Kat a man down in the shop and without the friend she's always called her rock. At least there's plenty of work to keep her busy. Among her featured clients is former "Lostie" Dominic Monaghan. — Karen Andzejewicz

CNBC Bizography
9/8c CNBC
The new CNBC series about icons, companies and industry titans kicks off with George Foreman, who has delivered KOs in both the boxing and business rings. Early on, as folks who remember his savage 1973 bout with Joe Frazier can attest, he personified "fearsome." But after launching a boxing comeback at the age of 38 in 1987, he reinvented his image, trading his omnipresent sneer for a smile and a teddy-bearish demeanor. The result: He's now in demand as a commercial spokesman. — Jeff Gemmill

The Middle
8:30/7:30c ABC
What the Hecks? In this May repeat, it's like Mother's Day in reverse for Frankie when she spends the holiday doing even more than usual for Mike and the kids instead of the other way around. Then she escapes the Heck house for a few hours to take solace at her mom's place and dumps the same mess on her mother (Marsha Mason), expecting to be waited on hand and foot. Meanwhile, Sue feels guilty about stealing a motivational magnet from a store, even though the magnet itself is partly to blame. — Fred Mitchell