Rubicon Rubicon

8/7c AMC
It's hide-and-seek, cat-and-mouse, cloak-and-dagger goings-on in the vein of Three Days of the Condor. The opening episode is replete with a suicide, a mysterious death and government conspiracies involving a brilliant-but-troubled code-breaking intelligence analyst (James Badge Dale of The Pacific and 24) at a federal agency who finds himself enmeshed in espionage. (A Rubicon, according to the dictionary, is a boundary line that, when crossed, commits a person irrevocably. Well, this intriguing and involving series definitely merits commitment.) — Ray Stackhouse


10:30/9:30c HBO
Now that Turtle's practically driven his limo business into the ground, he's going to need a new venture. Fortunately, it looks like his trip to Mexico wasn't a disaster, since he returned with some of the product to run the idea past Eric. But as the product is tequila, and the idea is to have Vince promote it, Eric's not so thrilled about the pitch, especially after Vince drinks it for breakfast and takes his new lady friend, porn star Sasha Grey, to an important meeting with comic-book icon Stan Lee. — Joe Friedrich

X Games
7/6c ESPN2
The final four hours of a four-day SoCal showcase of X-hilarating  jumps, tricks, flips and flops are on tap, with the skateboarding world's top artists taking center stage. Headlining the who's who of four-wheel fliers are a trio of reigning champs in Ryan Sheckler (Street event), a 19-year-old veteran of reality TV (Life of Ryan) and movies; daredevil Danny Way (Big Air Rail Jam), who jumped the Great Wall of China and lived to tell about it; and 33-year-old Elissa Steamer (women's street). The park competition features a dizzying array of ramps, rails and obstacles to test the game's best, including X ironman Andy MacDonald, a participant in all 16 editions of the Games. — Roger Leister

Top 10 Commercials of 2010
8/7c TV Guide Network
Even in the age of DVRs, there are some commercials that are so entertaining you don't want to fast-forward through them. This program highlights some of those noteworthy ads by counting down the best commercials of the year — so far. Though we're only in August, there's a lot to choose from. Some possibilities: Betty White playing football; babies talking about investments; and a guy selling body wash while riding a horse. — Jennifer Sankowski

Next Food Network Star
9/8c Food Network
Five hopefuls remain in the quest for their own Food Network show, and this week, they're thrilled when Giada informs them that they'll get the chance to prepare their all-time favorite signature dish. But there's a twist, of course. They'll have to incorporate their least favorite ingredients. Later, Eva Longoria Parker and celebrity chef Todd English serve as guest judges when the finalists cook at their hip Hollywood steakhouse, Beso. — Karen Andzejewicz

Ultimate Air Jaws
9/8c Discovery
Maybe you saw the other documentaries that had great white sharks springing from the ocean like toothy jack-in-the-boxes and you're looking at this and wondering, what does this Air Jaws have that the others don't? Well, it has a high-tech camera to capture one second of the predator's assault, and a slow take on the footage to last a minute and show what it looks like right before a shark breaches (it looks exactly like another reason to stay on the beach). — Michael Chant

Drop Dead Diva
9/8c Lifetime
Jane runs into a tough customer when her client, a difficult designer, sues to stop her assistant from publishing a tell-all book. And as if things weren't challenging enough already, Jane decides to get back into the dating pool and asks Hank, the bailiff, out to dinner. Meanwhile, Grayson and Kim take on a property-claim case for a transgender who is feuding with her partner's parents. — Rhoda Charles