White Collar White Collar

White Collar
9/8c USA
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Neal's ego is about to get a major boost. Someone has pulled off a Caffery-style heist, and the suspect is traced back to a college, where a criminology professor (guest star Aidan Quinn) just so happens to be teaching a class about Neal. Catching the crook proves to be a real challenge, then, because if someone's thinking just like Neal, how's he supposed to stay a step ahead? — Brie Hearn

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins

8/7c NBC
Life coach, author and inspirational speaker Tony Robbins brings his positive approach to the masses with this new series. Each week Robbins meets with people around the country who've been struggling to overcome major problems and helps them make steps toward positive changes, both for themselves and others. The opener follows newlyweds who have seen their young marriage tested by a life-changing injury, which the husband sustained on their wedding day. — Brie Hearn

9/8c Fox
One hundred (mostly) talented home cooks get the chance to turn their dreams of becoming real chefs into reality in the premiere of this new culinary competition hosted by Gordon Ramsay. In the audition round, each hopeful prepares a signature dish, hoping to advance to the next round. But things get off to a rough start when Ramsay, as blunt as ever, declares the first dish "the most disgusting soup I've ever 'bleeping' tasted in my entire life." Joining him on the judging panel are restaurateur Joe Bastianich and Chicago chef Graham Elliot Bowles. At stake is a cookbook deal and $250,000. — Karen Andzejewicz

Growing Up Twisted
10/9c A&E
Old rockers never die. They get second lives as reality stars on A&E. Just ask Gene Simmons, whose hit series is now in its fifth season. Trying this new stage is Dee Snider, front man for Twisted Sister, along with his wife, Suzette, and their four children. In the opener, Dee prepares for his wedding anniversary by getting his "Suzette Forever" tattoo redone. Then, the children have a TMI issue when they discover mom's pink hair dye, which she wants to use in a less conventional place. — Bill Ecklund

The Colony
10:01/9:01c Discovery
To get a grasp of the second-season premiere of the "surreality" series, you must begin by assuming that most of the human race went from taking too many sick days to never calling out sick again. While a deadly viral outbreak might make the next census a breeze, life isn't going to be easy for seven survivors who band together to reboot some kind of civilization in this simulation set in a neighborhood that was really wrecked by Hurricane Katrina. — Michael Chant

11:01/10:01c FX
Comics usually want to get into the movies but not Louie, who finds himself cast in one that he's reluctant to do. He says that he doesn't like acting. Matthew Broderick appears as himself (he's the movie's star and director) and, as it happens, Louis C.K. appeared in Broderick's 2008 theatrical comedy Diminished Capacity. On stage, meanwhile, Louie must deal with a heckler (Megan Hilty), and he isn't shy about doing so. — Paul Droesch

8/7c ABC
In case you missed it the first time, here's another chance to catch this couples episode from early June. Twelve single guys and 12 single women, paired up on blind dates, have a go at the extreme obstacle course, competing for a chance at the $100,000 prize. The gauntlets they'll run include Overdrive, Bruiseball and the evocatively named Love Handles Fling Set. — Fred Mitchell