The Bachelorette The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette
8 pm/ET ABC
Roberto, Chris L. or Frank — who'll Ali choose? That's one question you might be asking as this romance sweepstakes enters the cavorting-and-canoodling-in-a-tropical-paradise stage. (This time it's Tahiti.) But another question might be: Who'll Frank choose? Rumor has it that Ali might not be the only lady in Frank's heart, and he was hesitant at times in Chicago last week. We'll see for certain tonight. In any event, Ali will pick the final winner Aug. 2 (next week is the "Men Tell All" show) in Bora Bora. — Paul Droesch

Secret Life of the American Teenager
8 pm/ET ABC Family
What's the best way to tell your girlfriend that you got another girl pregnant? There really isn't one, which is probably why Ben has been reluctant to do this all season. But now that Adrian has changed her mind and has decided to have the baby, Ben has no choice. So he heads to New York City to deliver the news to Amy in person. Meanwhile, Ricky and his mom spend some quality time together. — Jennifer Sankowski

9 pm/ET HBO
Ever wonder what happens to lottery winners after those deer-in-the-headlights photo ops with the oversize checks? In this 2010 documentary, a Grand Jury Prize nominee at Sundance, Spellbound director Jeffrey Blitz profiles a handful of these fortunate souls to see how their lives have changed since that fateful day. Their stories can be heartwarming, eccentric and hopeful, but there's at least one cautionary tale that fits squarely into the "be careful what you wish for" category. — Joe Friedrich

The Client List
9 pm/ET Lifetime
Jennifer Love Hewitt stars as a woman who, after falling on tough times, turns to prostitution to support her family. The reality of her situation comes into focus when she is arrested and forced to make a difficult choice between going to jail or revealing the names of her prominent clients. Based on a true story, this 2010 cable drama vividly pits the effects of a tough economy against a mother's desire to provide for her family and shows how one key decision can change a life forever. Cybill Shepherd also stars. — Rhoda Charles

True Beauty
10:02 pm/ET ABC
The series, which has struggled in the ratings, wraps its second season with an unusual test for the three remaining beauties: They're each teamed with celebrities for a long night of partying. Afterward, they expect to be allowed to sleep it off, but instead are whisked off to film a commercial about Las Vegas. One contestant takes the sleep deprivation especially hard. At the end, this year's True Beauty is chosen, and rewarded with $100,000. — Fred Mitchell

RuPaul's Drag U
9 pm/ET LOGO
 Being asked to "sashay away" from RuPaul's Drag Race has to be a drag for that reality contest's losers, but it isn't necessarily the end of the line: Ru's recycling some of them in this new makeover contest, in which they give real women tips on how to be better girls. The "professors" in the opener are Season 2 runner-up Raven, and also-rans Jujubee (Season 2) and Ongina (Season 1). Incidentally, the makeover subjects are also competing, so that means there's a slot for a celebrity judge. Mia Tyler does the honors tonight. — Paul Droesch

Degrassi: The Next Generation
It's time to begin a summer filled with Degrassi drama, telenovela-style. The show is trying something new, airing four fresh episodes a week (Mon.-Thurs.) for six straight weeks. Things kick off with this two-hour outing in which the kids head to New York City for a summertime adventure. But, alas, summer doesn't last long for the gang because later this week they're dealing with ugly rumors floating around school and other angst-filled teen issues. — Jennifer Sankowski