The British Open The British Open

British Open
7 am/ET ESPN
Third-round play takes place on the Old Course at St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland. Even when he's not in contention, Tiger Woods remains the focus of media attention before, during, and even after most tournaments. But in this particular event, there's a bit more justification. Woods won the last two Opens held at St. Andrews, clobbering the venerable layout in both 2000 and 2005. On both occasions, the course failed to provide its customary defense, with Wood notching 19-under and 14-under victories in rare windless conditions. — Dave Roeder

8 pm/ET Fox
Tasers are powerful weapons at police officers' disposal, and in this episode, cops in Portland, Ore., use them to break up a fight when hostilities run high. Over in Las Vegas, some teenagers get carried away with mischief when they throw rocks at store windows and help themselves to the merchandise inside. It's a crime that's hard to deny when police catch them with the stolen goods in their pockets. — Jennifer Sankowski

Powering the Future
8 pm/ET Discovery Channel
With the beaches along the Gulf of Mexico fouled by oil, it seems like a good time to start thinking of ways to curb what President George W. Bush once famously called our "addiction" to the fossil fuel. So what else is out there for us? Join Dr. M. Sanjayan for the premiere of a documentary series focused on alternatives that may supply the energy needs of future generations. — Michael Chant

Jack's Family Adventure
9 pm/ET Hallmark Channel
Jonathan Silverman stars in this 2010 family film as a father who drags his reluctant wife and kids to the mountains for some quality time as a family. Though the group's first day at their recently inherited cabin doesn't go smoothly, they soon adapt to their surroundings with help from a local cowboy, played by Peter Strauss. — Brie Hearn

9 pm/ET Starz
The ancient Mayan calendar predicts the world will end on  December 21, 2012, so action-movie director Roland Emmerich ("Independence Day," "Day After Tomorrow") beats the (ahem) deadline with this 2008 end-of-the-world spectacle. Cataclysmic events are rocking the globe and throwing the planet into chaos, necessitating John Cusack to step into the action-hero role as a divorced writer and father who races to save his family by obtaining passage on a gigantic ark in China. The special effects in this edge-of-your-seat thrill ride are top-notch. — Ray Stackhouse

My Ghost Story
10 pm/ET Biography
The network has given us "Celebrity Ghost Stories," but when it comes to ghost tales, it doesn't really matter who tells the story. This new series recalls the experiences of common folks, and it begins with a scientist's discovery of mysterious footage on his security camera, a ghost crew aboard a ship, and the story of the ghosts of slaves who used the Underground Railroad. — Bill Ecklund

Shrek 2 (repeat)
9 pm/ET TBS
The big green ogre gets to meet the parents in this sequel to the animated 2001 Oscar winner. Now married, Shrek (voice of Mike Myers) and Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) travel to the kingdom of Far Far Away, where her father tries to break up the newlyweds. While not as good overall as the original, the 2004 follow-up does contain some clever digs at Hollywood and a scene-stealing new character — a swashbuckling cat named Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas). Rated PG for adult themes, the film also features the voice of Eddie Murphy. — Joe Friedrich