Flashpoint Flashpoint

10/9c CBS
The SRU team members are given a delicate assignment: rescue a baby who is being held hostage. The kid is taken when a carjacker steals the vehicle the baby is in. It all comes to a climax at a seedy motel where the captor, who may be a serial killer, is staying. — Tim Holland


9/8c Syfy
At the end of last week's episode, we saw the gang return to a slightly different Eureka than the one they knew before they traveled back in time to the town's foundation. While the charming-yet-devious Trevor (James Callis) adjusts to skipping 60 years of history, Fargo acclimates to a surprising career change. Let's hope his new job description includes these words: "Must know how to deal with red indoor lightning." — Michael Chant

Whale Wars
9/8c Animal Planet
In an episode of titanic proportions, the Sea Shepherds experience the unthinkable when their ongoing struggle with Japanese whalers in the Antarctic results in a collision that sinks the Shepherds' speedboat, the Ady Gil. With rescue efforts underway, Captain Watson, who is miles away, learns of the incident and heads straight to the media to express his outrage. Even so, all his blustering cannot salvage the speedboat, which has become the latest casualty in this war against illegal whaling. — Rhoda Charles

DC Cupcakes
10/9c TLC
First there was Ace of Cakes, then there was Cake Boss, and now comes the newest entry in the bakery-reality genre. This unscripted series documents life in a booming cupcake shop in the Georgetown section of Washington, D.C., that's run by sisters Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis, so, like "Cake Boss," the show should serve up a hearty helping of family drama. In the premiere, the ladies agree to donate a huge Mardi Gras mask made out of 1000 cupcakes to a local fund-raiser, and getting it finished on time proves to be no piece of (cup)cake. — Karen Andzejewicz

The Jensen Project
8/7c NBC
Shadowy societies, family-themed adventure and all-dangerous technology spin around this 2010 TV-movie. Kellie Martin (ER) and Brady Smith star as Claire and Matt Thompson, two erstwhile members of a covert community of genius researchers tailoring in cutting-edge science. This whip-smart duo embarks on a mission with their techie teen son (Justin Kelly) to thwart a rogue colleague and secure potentially deadly technology. Along the way, they find that they're strengthening their family ties. Patricia Richardson and LeVar Burton also star. — Dean Maurer

11/10c ESPN2
Some of the best reality television is produced every July in the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe, where stars of sports and entertainment swap basketballs, footballs, headsets and microphones for a set of golf clubs, putting their hard-earned reputations on the line. Alongside regulars like Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley (with his new and hopefully improved swing), Jack Wagner and eight-time champ Rick Rhoden are first timers Stephen Curry and Chris Paul of the NBA, Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly, bobsledder Steve Holcomb, American Idol's Taylor Hicks and Rascal Flatts guitarist Joe Don Rooney. — Roger Leister

9/8c CW
In this November repeat, super fan Becky (Emily Perkins) tricks Sam and Dean into attending a Supernatural convention where fans dress up as the brothers and participate in various role-playing games. Sounds fun, huh? And it is — until a real ghost appears and turns the entertaining event into a truly frightening festival. — Tim Holland