2010 ESPY Awards 2010 ESPY Awards

ESPY Awards
9/8c ESPN
The 18th annual mingling of athletes and celebrities in L.A. adds a fresh coat of cynicism and sarcasm with Saturday Night Live head writer and "Weekend Update" anchor Seth Meyers running the show. With some 38 fan-voted awards on the agenda (fans can now vote during the show... no, this isn't the Oscars), it's tough to know how many shots at Tiger Woods Meyers can squeeze in. Woods can add to his record 22 ESPYs if fans yet again vote him Best Golfer, while LeBron James and Kobe Bryant look to bring the Best Male Athlete bragging rights back to the NBA for the first time since Michael Jordan won at the inaugural ESPYs in 1993. — Roger Leister

Breakfast Special
8/7c PBS
If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then this special hosted by Rick Sebak is the most important of the... well, maybe not, but it is fun. Eateries that specialize in morning meals are visited, including a rural New York spot called Cartwright's Maple Tree Inn that's open two months a year and serves buckwheat pancakes, and only buckwheat pancakes. Other stops that will leave you salivating are the Breakfast Club on Tybee Island near Savannah, Ga., and the cool Cuban café La Herencia in St. Augustine, Fla. — Jeff Gemmill

Ghost Hunters International
9/8c Syfy
The word "Nottingham" can trigger memories of books and films about an exceptional archer who stole from the rich to give to the poor and the baddie sheriff bent on thwarting him, but, as with many fairy tales, the reality behind the fable is much darker. The team visits the town Robin Hood made famous for a probe of the Galleries of Justice, where torture and executions were always on tap. — Michael Chant

Chasing Mummies
10/9c History
Anyone who faithfully watches History is familiar with Zahi Hawass. The ubiquitous Egyptian archaeologist has been the go-to guy for comments on archaeological matters on many documentaries. He should get his own show...and he does! Hawass' new series follows him and his team during excavations in Egypt, and it opens with a dig at the Step Pyramid of Djoser, Egypt's oldest stone pyramid. — Bill Ecklund

10/9c USA
Psych returns for its fifth season, which promises plenty of treats ahead for the fans, including a UFO episode and one in which Dulé Hill finally gets to show off his tap-dancing chops. In tonight's premiere, however, the guys get to test their kung-fu skills (or lack thereof) when they find themselves caught between feuding Chinese Triads. The pair ends up in this pickle while looking for the missing daughter of one of the leaders. — Brie Hearn

Lucy Must Be Traded, Charlie Brown
8/7c ABC
Sigh. Charlie Brown is a bald grade-schooler with low self-esteem, the eternal underdog who never wins — and that's why we cherish him. In this 2004 sports-themed tale based on old comic strips, his baseball team is losing because Lucy is doing all the wrong things in right field. Like other Peanuts specials created after Charles M. Schulz's death, this one lacks the heart and keen humor of earlier TV originals, but there is still fun to be had watching Chuck trying to trade Lucy to Peppermint Patty, who wants Snoopy — Chuck's best player — in the deal.

10/9c CBS
Danica Patrick is a killer competitor on the race track, but is she a murderer? In this repeat from February, the IndyCar driver and NASCAR newbie guest-stars as a Grand Prix racer who may be involved in another driver's death. The victim (Antonio Sabato Jr.), one of the sport's legends, dies when his car suddenly explodes during a race exhibition just two days before the major event is to take place. The investigation reveals the car was tampered with, which means the man was murdered. But is Danica responsible? Say it ain't so, daddy. — Tim Holland