So You Think You Can Dance So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance
8/7c Fox
Referees at the World Cup may be incapable of admitting mistakes, but they could learn something from the SYTYCD judges, who basically came right out and said last Wednesday that they goofed by eliminating Cristina and keeping Melinda. Ouch! But Lauren's near-wardrobe malfunction and Alex's same-sex couch-dancing with Twitch really raised the bar for the performance shows, so it will be interesting to see if the Top 8 can clear it tonight. — Joe Friedrich

Ghost Hunters Academy
9/8c Syfy
When you're snooping around supposedly haunted houses for the purpose of obtaining evidence to support or debunk claims about  ghosts, you don't want a clumsy fledgling on your team. So, if you're going to pick a place to test the skills of your best new recruit, it might as well be the resort that inspired Stephen King to write The Shining. Tonight, a cadet will win the competition after a probe of Colorado's Stanley Hotel. — Michael Chant

Dinner: Impossible
10/9c Food Network
Chef Robert Irvine heads to Clearwater, Fla., home of the Philadelphia Phillies spring-training camp, to make a really big meal. His challenge comes from team employee and former pitcher Dickie Noles, whose career was marked by a 1980 beanball thrown at Hall of Famer George Brett — considered a turning point in what became the Phils' first World Championship — and, seven years later, the dubious distinction of being traded for himself (don't ask). Here, Noles informs Irvine that he has seven hours to cook meals for 200 ballplayers...with ingredients both major league and minor. — Stuart Michaelson

Real World
10/9c MTV
It certainly didn't take long for a feud to surface among the New Orleans cast mates. Even though last week's altercation between Preston and Ryan ended in a ceasefire, something tells us there will be lots more drama between these two this season, especially given Ryan's erratic antics, which are on full display again this week, and this time they land him in the hospital. — Karen Andzejewicz

Locked Up Abroad
10/9c National Geographic
Irish contractors Tom Lynch and John White were working in an oil field in Iraq when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait on Aug. 2, 1990. Suddenly, the men found themselves in the middle of a war zone, and all Westerners were banned from leaving the country — with Saddam planning to use them as human shields, if necessary. In this compelling episode, Lynch and White recount the harrowing months that followed, from being handed over to Saddam's secret police after a failed attempt to cross the Iraq-Syria border to the terrifying days they spent in a notorious prison in Baghdad. — Karen Andzejewicz

Chris & John Go to Camp
8/7c Logo
Think of Canadians Chris Carter and John Simpson as gay Ty Penningtons, but don't stop there. They call themselves "rescuers" and they help LGBT people in need, but they're funnier and snarkier than Pennington is. And, OK, maybe the needs they meet aren't as great. Go to Camp is actually the third season of the Chris & John to the Rescue series they make for Canada's OUTtv, but it takes place at a gay campground in Michigan called Campit. Their mission tonight: make a guy named Adam a happier camper by finding him a soul mate. — Paul Droesch

Sports Crash
6/5c Spike
You know you can't turn away from a crash. A part of you wants to keep looking. This series captures these unfortunate finishes and displays them for all to see. You'll see everything from boating mishaps, auto-racing crashes and explosions, to motorcycle and motocross mayhem, and snowboarding and skateboarding screwups. — Brendan Curley