Secret Life of the American Teenager Secret Life of the American Teenager

Secret Life of the American Teenager
8/7c ABC Family
Sarah Palin's oldest daughter, Bristol, makes an appearance in this episode, playing herself. Amy runs into her at her New York City dorm, and she clues Amy in to the fact that the music program they're in is just for teen mothers. Amy's not too happy to learn this — she thought she was selected to participate solely based on her musical talent. Back in California, Ruben does not agree with Adrian's choice regarding her pregnancy; and Jack finally finds a roommate: Tom. — Jennifer Sankowski

The Bachelorette

8/7c ABC
Craig R.'s departure last week wasn't exactly an afterthought but it wasn't a surprise either, and it certainly wasn't as spectacular as Justin's. But that's all Bachelor history now (Where have we heard that phrase before?), and Ali has moved on to Portugal, where Chris L., Frank, Kirk, Roberto and Ty will woo her. Four will do so successfully enough to earn hometown visits from Ali next week. But that's not tonight's only news: Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi thrash out their breakup in an interview with Chris Harrison. Don't look for them to kiss and make up. — Paul Droesch

SpongeBob SquarePants
8/7c Nickelodeon
A trio of guest stars voice characters in an installment in which royalty visit the Krusty Krab. King Neptune (voice of John O'Hurley) celebrates his 5000th birthday at the eatery, and Queen Amphitrite (voice of Victoria Beckham) is by his side. However, the festivities are dampened when the royal pair begin to miss their banished son, Triton (voice of Sebastian Bach). SpongeBob intends to reunite the family by finding Triton, but he underestimates the anger of their exiled son. — Jennifer Sankowski

Mad Men
8/7c AMC
The countdown to Season 4 (premiering Sun. July 25) of the Emmy-winning Outstanding Drama Series about the goings-on at a 1960s Madison Avenue advertising agency is underway. To get you reacquainted with the gang and back in touch with their boardroom and bedroom shenanigans, AMC is airing a five-episode marathon that begins today. And where best to begin but at the beginning, with the program's pilot episode that introduces the major players, led by roguish creative director Don Draper (Jon Hamm). — Ray Stackhouse

8:30/7:30c Food Network
Disney cuisine is the focus of a fun and informative episode that gives a behind-the-scenes peek at inside-the-park eats. Highlights include a tour of a Disneyland bakery; a rare glimpse inside the secretive members-only Club 33 restaurant; and a look at the best spots to dine with Disney characters. — Karen Andzejewicz

No One Dies in Lily Dale
9/8c HBO
"I see dead people" became a popular catchphrase after The Sixth Sense, but the 1999 film had nothing on the town of Lily Dale. Since the late-19th century, this small hamlet in western New York has been known for its concentration of mediums, and today several dozen help thousands of visitors from all over the world who wish to communicate with deceased loved ones. Directed by Steven Cantor, the 2010 documentary introduces the people seeking answers and the spiritual guides who show them the way. — Joe Friedrich

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
10/9c Travel
Life is good for Anthony Bourdain in the Season 7 opener, where he escapes New York's harsh winter to spend a week filming in the Grenadines, a chain of 32 islands and cays in the southern Caribbean. Stops include the wonderfully secluded Petite St. Vincent; the man-made Happy Island, built from sand, cement and conch shells; and Union Island, which the host so eloquently describes as "the opposite of suck." As for food, the chowhound enjoys barracuda for breakfast, Rastafarian crawfish stew and a late-night snack of opossum, all washed down by rum punch and cold beer. — Karen Andzejewicz