Miami Medical Miami Medical

Miami Medical
10/9c CBS
The Jerry Bruckheimer-produced medical series was on life support shortly after its anemic debut back in April and the plug was pulled soon thereafter. CBS has been burning off the remaining episodes over the past few weeks, and the last one airs tonight. In the series finale, serious ethical questions arise for Proctor and Zambrano as they are faced with difficult decisions concerning the lives of their patients. — Tim Holland

World Cup Soccer
9:30 a.m./8:30c ESPN
They've only had three days rest since Monday's round-of-16, but the Netherlands and Brazil were so at ease and convincing in victories over Slovakia and Chile that fatigue is a moot issue. Today's contest in Port Elizabeth is the start of the Cup in earnest for two soccer superpowers that are guaranteed to produce entertaining play. Speedy Dutch catalyst Arjen Robben is in full flight following a hamstring injury and will attempt to crack a familiar Brazilian back line featuring Maicon, Lucio and goalkeeper Julio Cesar, all Inter Milan teammates who Robben faced in Bayern Munich's UEFA Champions League final loss in May. — Roger Leister

America Celebrates July 4th at Ford's Theatre
9/8c ABC
Unless you're an opera buff outraged by Renée Fleming's new pop album, there's nothing controversial in tonight's Independence Day gala at Washington's historic Ford's Theatre. Joining the funky diva (performing Death Cab for Cutie's "Soul Meets Body") are Kelly Clarkson, Dick Van Dyke, George Lopez, Lionel Richie, Broadway's Laura Michelle Kelly and Gavin Lee (Mary Poppins) and Montego Glover (Memphis), and host Ty Burrell. In addition, former Secretary of State Colin Powell salutes five U.S. Medal of Honor winners, and the Obamas are in the audience. — Paul Droesch

8/7c Fox
This medical puzzle (first telecast the week before the Super Bowl in February) comes with cleats, shoulder pads and a disease that will kill a college football player unless the doctors can figure out what's wrong. But the big news involves Foreman, whose older brother (Orlando Jones), an ex-con he wants nothing to do with, shows up at the hospital. House, it seems, has hired him (in part, of course, because he knows that it will rattle Foreman). Meanwhile, House and Wilson play pranks on each other. One involves an opossum. — Paul Droesch

Knockout Sportsworld
9/8c Spike
In today's quick-result and attention-span-challenged world, who doesn't want to see the end result right away? Sudden ends to mixed-martial-arts and boxing bouts are combined with sports like hockey, karate and bike racing — yes, bike racing — in a series that highlights knockouts, hits, fights and crashes. In the first episode, Mike Tyson — surprise! — knocks out a foe, while a hockey player is sent to the ice by an opponent. In addition, two MMA fighters send each other to the floor simultaneously. — Brendan Curley

Glenn Martin, DDS
10:30/9:30c Nickelodeon
In the past, this show has featured the guest voices of  Don Johnson and Bret Michaels and had Jackie sing with her favorite 1980s band, proudly displaying its love for all things '80s. Now it's a nod to Footloose when Conor gets in touch with his inner Ren McCormack and tries to bring dancing back to a town where it's been outlawed. Meanwhile, Wendy aims to impress Glenn by becoming a high-school quarterback — a plot reminiscent of the 1983 Helen Hunt TV-movie Quarterback Princess. — Jennifer Sankowski

10/9c Syfy
The Season 2 finale finds the dragon, freed last week by Merlin, turning his wrath on Camelot. To complicate matters, the only ones capable of besting the overgrown lizard, dragonlords, were put to death by Uther years earlier. Or so the king thought. Turns out, none other than Gaius helped one escape. With nothing to lose, Merlin and Arthur set out to find the magic man, who holds the key not just to Camelot's future but Merlin's past. — Jeff Gemmill